Liberian Conservatives and Christians Using Ebola As Justification For LGBT Harassment

LiberiaGays throughout Liberia are being targeted and harassed as a result of churches within the country claiming that recent ebola outbreaks are acts of God’s wrath condemning homosexuality.

“Since church ministers declared Ebola was a plague sent by God to punish sodomy in Liberia, the violence toward gays has escalated,” LGBTQ organizer Leroy Ponpon told Reuters. “They’re even asking for the death penalty. We’re living in fear.”

Factors like a failing healthcare infrastructure and spotty governmental response have contributed to Liberia bearing the brunt of the outbreak. Earlier this week the World Health Organization released its most recent figures tracking the number of confirmed cases and mortalities associated with ebola throughout West Africa. Liberian health officials have recorded 508 deaths caused by the virus–the largest figure in the region.

Since the outbreak’s beginnings in late 2013, tensions within Liberia have slowly simmered to a boil, coming to a head more recently as the death toll continues to rise. As the situation becomes more dire, conservative religious leaders and members of the local media are capitalizing on the public’s unaddressed fears.

Ponpon recounted having his address and phone number publicized on television after authorities learned he was gay. The unwanted attention, he says, has forced him and other gay people to travel at night, for fear of being seen.

“Amnesty has received pictures of cars that reportedly belong to gays with their windows smashed as well as reports that gays have been forced from their homes and had to go into hiding,” explained Francois Patuel, an Amnesty International representative based in West Africa.

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Christian Movie The Principle Claims Universe Revolves Around The Earth

Via the Christian site CBN News:

A new documentary, “The Principle,” is so controversial that scientists and even people featured in the movie are condemning it before they’ve had a chance to see it. The film chops away at some of the most sacred cows of modern science: that Earth is nothing special and sprang into being by accident. It delves into the latest scientific findings to present what its makers believe is solid evidence the whole universe revolves around Earth and its Milky Way galaxy. Physics professor John Hartnett, with Australia’s University of Adelaide, studied the locations of some 400,000 galaxies from the 2005 Sloan Digital Sky Survey and was astounded to see a surprising form and pattern in how they’re arrayed, all with Earth at the center. “As if the galaxies preferred to lie at some periodic spacing out from the Earth,” Hartnett explains in the documentary

The film opens today on a single screen in Chicago.

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One Direction Parties With Sumo Wrestlers, a Monkey and Dany DeVito in ‘Steal My Girl’ – VIDEO


One Direction’s new music video for their latest single “Steal My Girl” has the boys bringing “life to the desert” with the help of zoo animals, sumo wrestlers, some exotic dancers, a marching band and “the greatest artist of his generation” – Dany DeVito.

Watch the awesome randomness of it all, AFTER THE JUMP


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Eugene Delgaudio: Gays Want To Make It Legal To Rape And Murder Young Boys

“My health is suffering under the strain of fighting the radical Homosexual Lobby with limited help. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep and I am sick with worry. Many nights I stay up and worry — worry about my family, worry about Public Advocate’s future, worry about the future of the American Family and morality. I’m expected to expand programs to stop liberals in Congress from allowing homosexuals to run rampant over our country. These people admit that they want to molest our children. They admit that they want special rights that no American has. They admit that they want to infiltrate and weaken our military’s moral fiber. They admit that they want complete control over the national law enforcement apparatus. They admit that they’re deviants. And just as Jesus showed us by example and could not have stood back and done nothing at the Temple, I couldn’t stand back and do nothing in the face of the growing power of the radical Homosexual Agenda. I won’t allow my children to grow up in a nation where police are forced by gay ‘rights’ laws to allow sexual predators like ‘Uncle Ed’ Savitz and Jeffrey Dahmer to rape and murder young boys in the streets. And I won’t stand by while pro-homosexual school teachers expose our children to ‘gay filth and call it AIDS education.” – Hate group leader and Virginia elected official Eugene Delgaudio, in today’s money beg. He is awaiting your call.

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Utah Supreme Court Lifts Stay on Gay Adoptions

UtahThe Utah Supreme Court on Thursday lifted a five-month old stay barring same-sex couples from adoption rights, The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

The action clears the way for the Utah Department of Health to issue birth certificates that list the same-sex parents as the children’s legal parents. It will also restart countless other adoptions that were left in limbo by Utah’s contention that the cases should be on hold until it was clear that gay marriage would be legal in the Beehive state.

“The families involved are obviously relieved and thrilled,” said Laura Milliken Gray, an attorney who represented one of the four families, and who also had six other adoptions in process when the stay was put in place.

The paper states the Utah Attorney General’s Office asked the state’s high court to lift the stay, following marriage equality coming to the Beehive State earlier this month. The paper also adds 26 percent of Utah’s same-sex couples are raising children, according to data from UCLA’s Williams Institute. 

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Cyndi Lauper Advocates For Homeless LGBT Youth At National Press Club Event

From an unusually even-handed report by the Christian site CNS News:

Pop singer and LGBT activist Cyndi Lauper said on Wednesday that homosexual children are “being thrown away because of who they are.” Lauper was speaking at an event at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to mark the 40th anniversary of the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act and to advocate for a new authorization of the bill introduced by Sens. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) to include language for LGBT youth “protections.” Lauper said that LGBT youth make up to as much as 40 percent of homeless youth in the United States while only seven percent of youth “identify as gay or transgender.” “That, to me is alarming, because that means to me that kids are being thrown away because of who they are,” she said. “I think we need these kids.

Commenters at the above-linked site are, of course, attacking Lauper. They use Disqus, so feel free to show your support.

RELATED: Tickets went on sale today for Lauper’s star-studded benefit concert at Manhattan’s Beacon Theatre.

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NOM Co-Sponsors Houston Hate Rally

Brian Brown has announced his partnership with the coming Houston hate rally against “sermon-grabbing homofascist” Mayor Annise Parker.

Five pastors and churches in have had their internal church communications subpoenaed by Mayor Annise Parker. This is part of an intimidation campaign that comes amidst a lawsuit brought by citizens against the city of Houston after a petition from residents was basically thrown out by the city administration. But none of these pastors or churches are even a party to the lawsuit! This action is simply an attempt to intimidate anyone who has dared to question the city’s terrible gender-neutral “bathroom bill” — the ordinance against which the voters signed the petition. The bottom line, though, is that the government has no business monitoring sermons or prying into the private communications between a pastor and his congregation! The Constitution secures the freedom of the church to proclaim the truth. We can’t sit idly by and allow intimidation like this to stand. That’s why The National Organization for Marriage is proud to be a partner in a special nationwide simulcast event, live from Houston.

The above-linked message closes with a money beg for NOM.

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See If Nick Jonas Can Guess These Male Celebrities By Their Bulges: WATCH


In an interview with UK celebrity outlet Sugarscape, Nick Jonas was asked to join an impromptu game of “Guess the Bulge” and, being the good sport that he is, decided to play along.

See how many of the six celebrity bulges Nick (and you) can pick out, AFTER THE JUMP

And if you missed his smoldering, sexy photo shoot with Details magazine yesterday, check that out here 

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Yet Another Carl DeMaio Scandal

Another day, another scandal for homocon US House candidate Carl DeMaio, whose campaign is now being accused of secretly authoring a UT San Diego editorial that slammed his opponent, Democratic Rep. Scott Peters.

Controversial and highly disputed emails provided to NBC 7 Investigates include statements from Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio where he appears to be bragging about his campaign writing a UT San Diego editorial that was highly critical of DeMaio’s opponent and had a “UT San Diego editorial board” byline. Former DeMaio staffer Todd Bosnich said he and campaign spokesman Dave McCulloch were the authors of an editorial entitled “Scott Peters and the Mount Soledad Shuffle.” The emails provided to NBC 7 indicate that after the editorial ran, McCulloch reached out to a consultant, other campaign staff and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) boasting that “UT San Diego scorched Peters over the Soledad Cross today, saying ‘Peters has a history of being both slippery and insubstantive’ and that ‘rewriting his own history and ducking responsibility for his actions have always come easy to Scott Peters.’” In response, Alleigh Marree of the NRCC said: “This is great. Will be able to use these lines A LOT.” In the email thread provided to NBC 7 Investigates, DeMaio wrote back, “Well, we did wrote (sic) it ourselves.”

The UT San Diego is denying NBC’s claims. The paper is owned by major Prop 8 donor and hotel mogul Doug Manchester, whose properties were targeted with boycotts in the wake of the referendum’s passage. DeMaio has financial ties with Manchester that go back more than a decade and the paper has endorsed DeMaio. A poll issued early this week showed DeMaio and Peters in a dead heat. Their race is one of the most closely watched in the nation.

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