Seth Meyers on Trump’s House of Lies: ‘It’s Easy to Surprise People if You Just Make S**t Up’ – WATCH

Donald Trump Seth Meyers surprise people

Seth Meyers looked at the disgusting abuses of power Donald Trump has exercised this week in a new segment of A Closer Look. The examinations included Trump’s attacks on Nordstrom department store over Ivanka’s clothing line, a tweet which came 20 minutes into the time Trump was supposed to be having his daily intelligence briefing.

Asked Meyers: “Why was he free when that happened? Did the briefing really take less than 20 minutes? I feel like the president’s daily intelligence briefing should take longer than an episode of Vanderpump Rules. Also, if he was tweeting about Nordstrom right after the briefing something tells me he wasn’t that focused during the briefing.”

Meyers then noted that not only do White House officials not care that Trump’s tweeting about Ivanka’s business, top aide Kellyanne Conway is shilling for it herself.

Trump also threatened to destroy the career of a state lawmaker for proposing legislation he didn’t like, and attacked the press for not telling the truth about crime rates — when actually the press was telling the truth.

Trump said on Wednesday that the U.S. murder rate is at the highest it has been in 47 years, and bragged that he stunned people at his campaign speeches with that factoid, blaming the press for not getting the word out correctly.  Problem is, Trump is completely wrong.

Added Meyers: “You know, it’s easy to surprise people if you just make sh*t up.”


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