Boxers or Briefs? Star Gazing and Rock Climbing Edition

underwear boxers briefs

It’s Monday, so take a break with the latest episodes of The Underwear Expert’s ‘Boxers or Briefs?

Host Daniel X Miller headed to the Griffith Observatory to do some observing of stars, aspiring ones, that is. Miller persuaded a couple of actors to remove their shirts and show off what they’ve got on underneath.


In another episode, Miller heads to Hollywood Boulders to try out some rock climbing. While he’s there, the Underwear Expert quizzes the easy-on-the-eyes manager on what he likes to wear under the waistband while going vertical and even gets a peek.

Last time, host Kevin Spencer tried the real thing while hiking in the San Gabriel mountains.

Previously ‘Boxers or Briefs’ has talked with guys in WeHoshirtless Aussiesguys with hairy chestscat loversPokemon Go playerstatted up guyshot yogisshirtless fitness instructors, dog loversnaked Tom of Finland models, shirtless parkour athletesDemocratic primary votersdodgeball playersWeHo kickball playersDJsdancersCrossFit-ersmale models, and men on the street in Hollywood and Santa Monica about what they like to wear under their shorts.

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