NYC Nightclub Owner: ‘Somebody Hit Me in the Face Because I’m Gay…and I Blame Trump’


Mark Zschiesche Yvonne Lame, the owner and founder of Lips Drag Queen Showpalace Restaurant and Bar in New York, posted an emotional video to Facebook in which he says he was punched in the face because he is gay.

“Look at what happened to me… I am 54 years OLD and this has never ever happened to ME,” he wrote in on Facebook, and posted Sunday morning at 4:35 am. “I blame TRUMP ….and those who support him..”

Lame said more in the video:

“This has never, ever happened to me. So, somebody hit me in the face because I’m gay, and I have never, ever in my entire life have experienced this. And I blame this on Trump and all of you that supported him cause I have never in my entire life ever experienced this. Ever. And look at my face, cause someone beat me up because I was gay. And I blame Trump and all of those who support him. The person who hit me said because I’m gay. So thank you, those who voted for him…thank you.”

Additional details about the alleged assault are not available. LIPS has locations in New York, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego and Chicago.

San Diego Gay & Lesbian News says they have reached out to Lame and to LIPS for more details but have not received a response as of this posting.

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