Trump Evades Questions About Michael Flynn as Top Dems Call for His Firing

Michael Flynn

National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who likely discussed U.S. sanctions against Russia in secret talks with the Russian ambassador a month before Trump took office, remains in his position, and although the story is leading news broadcasts nationwide, Donald Trump is refusing to take questions on an appointee who has engaged in potentially treasonous behavior:




If you need a quick catch-up on why the Flynn-Russia story is so important, watch this segment from Rachel Maddow.

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And in his news briefing with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Trump received questions that required no substantive answers, causing journalists – even those from FOX News channel – to suggest that the questions were all plants.




Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi today called for the firing of General Flynn.

Nancy PelosiSaid Pelosi:

“Michael Flynn’s conduct was alarming enough before his secret communications with the Russians were exposed.  Now, we have a National Security Advisor who cannot be trusted not to put Putin before America.

“The conduct of the Trump White House speaks for itself.  The reports of the Trump-Russia dossier gain credence with each passing day.  As long as Republicans refuse to compel the release of President Trump’s tax returns, they are complicit in covering up Russia’s financial, personal and political hold on the Administration.

“This Administration has exhausted its excuses.  Vladimir Putin’s grip on President Trump must be investigated, exposed and broken.   National security demands that General Flynn be fired immediately.”

USA Today adds:

The problems with Flynn are a “reflection on the president,” Rep. Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said on MSNBC. “And this is a president who is erratic, who is inexperienced, who may be very well in over his head, who starts the day generally by Tweeting things that his national security team then has to chase after and make sense out of.”

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