Hepatitis A Outbreak Affects Gay Men in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

An ongoing outbreak of Hepatitis A in Hong Kong that has prompted authorities to offer free vaccinations has been found to pose an increasing risk to gay men in the city.

Eleven more cases have been identified, bringing the total to 24, with most patients also reporting positive HIV status.

The centre revealed last week that a significant increase of hepatitis A cases was detected since August last year among HIV-positive men who attended the Health Department’s Integrated Treatment Centre, with three more cases being traced back to September 2015.

Between 2006 and 2015, the city recorded zero to two cases of the viral infection per year.

About 150 one-off free hepatitis A vaccinations were given to gay men attending five designated public clinics as of Wednesday. They were first offered last Friday in an attempt to control the outbreak.

The spokesman added that other men who had sex with men should consult doctors if in doubt and receive vaccinations from the private sector.

The infection is not usually fatal, although it can contribute to liver failure, which is.

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