Seth Meyers on the Latest from Trumpland: Shinzo Abe, Mar-A-Lago, Michael Flynn, and Stephen Miller: WATCH


Seth Meyers took a closer look at the latest ridiculous and terrifying moments from the Trump administration, starting with Trump’s 19 second handshake with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe.

abeSaid Meyers:

“Abe’s face reminds me of the ancient Japanese saying ‘what the f**k’s up with this guy?’ And you were only in his grip for 19 seconds. We’re looking at four years over here.”

Meyers then moved on to their trip to Mar-A-Lago, where the two dealt with an international crisis at their dinner table in full view of guests.

And while Meyers taped his segment before Michael Flynn’s resignation, he still had plenty to say about the Flynn controversy and his lies to Vice President Mike Pence:

“So either Flynn lied to Mike Pence, or Mike Pence lied to us. But of course, to Mike Pence, a lie is just a truth that hasn’t gone through conversion therapy yet. It can change. Give it a chance. It can change.”

Meyers also took note of Trump’s technique for pretending he actually knows what’s happening – he changes the topic so he can seem in control at all time, and his lie to Republican lawmakers that thousands of people from Massachusetts were bused in to New Hampshire to vote illegally.

To quell the rage over this ridiculous conspiracy theory, Trump sent loon Stephen Miller to the Sunday morning shows.

Stephen Miller

Noted Meyers:

“Thats a guy who’s definitely lying. He sounds like a guilty husband who got caught texting with a female co-worker….By the way, in case you’re wondering what being sinister does to you, that guys is 31 years old and he already looks like he’s two-thirds of the way to [The Simpsons’] Montgomery Burns.”


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