Kellyanne Conway, Daft Punk, Under Armour, Stanley Bard, Chris Hemsworth, Harrison Ford: HOT LINKS

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Morning Joe bans her. “I don’t believe in fake news.”

ENEMIES LIST. Omarosa tells journalist Trump is collecting negative information on her: “Ryan also said Manigault made verbal threats, including the assertion that Ryan was among several journalists on whom Trump officials had collected “dossiers” of negative information.”


MITCH MCCONNELL. No evidence voter fraud changed outcome of election: “There’s no evidence that enough votes were stolen to change the outcome of the election.”

HIV. U.S. infection rate falls after two decades of stagnation: “The estimated annual number of new HIV infections in the United States fell 18 percent between 2008 and 2014. Stagnant at about 45,000 to 50,000 per year since the mid-1990s, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) estimate of HIV incidence fell from 45,700 to 37,600 during this recent six-year period.”

UNDER ARMOUR. CEO Kevin Plank prints full page in Baltimore Sun walking back comments praising Trump but doesn’t mention Trump’s name.


bardRIP. Chelsea Hotel proprietor Stanley Bard: “During Bard’s tenure, the hotel not only housed, at one time or another, scores of rock stars (Patti Smith, Madonna, Iggy Pop, Bette Midler, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, among many others) and actors (Uma Thurman, Michael Imperioli, Jane Fonda, Edie Sedgwick), but itself became a presence in film and on TV. Mainstream America probably first saw its interiors when Lance Loud lived there during the early-’70s filming of PBS’s landmark An American Family, while more specialized audiences knew it from, among others, Andy Warhol’s underground films, 1996’s Party Monster: The Shockumentary, Hawke’s 2001 Chelsea Walls and Abel Ferrara’s 2008 doc Chelsea on the Rocks.”

CLOSE CALL. Harrison Ford pilots plane over the top of a 737 carrying 116 passengers. “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?”

DAVID BARTON GYM. Under fire for stiffing prepaid members.

INDIA. New Delhi restaurant under fire for turning away gay couples.

HB2. Jason Collins proud of NBA for moving All-Star Game from North Carolina.

keywestKEY WEST. City to outlaw gay conversion therapy for minors: “The LGBTQ youth are born perfect and they all deserve to grow up knowing they are celebrated and valued for exactly who they are,” Weekley said Wednesday before the commission voted 6-0 on the proposed law’s first of two required readings. “We don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring,” Weekley said. “It’s the moral and ethical correct thing to do.”

THOR. Would you put up with Chris Hemsworth as your roommate? I think yes.

NYC. Trump-Putin mural projected on building.


BATH SALTS? Naked man bites another man at NBC News Washington bureau.

Michael UrieTHEATER. Torch Song Trilogy to get fall revival starring Michael Urie: “Torch Song Trilogy opened on Broadway at the Little Theatre (now the Helen Hayes Theatre, which is owned by Second Stage and is being upgraded and refurbished) on June 10, 1982. It won Tony Awards for Best Play and Best Actor in a Play (Fierstein) and ran 1,222 performances. It also was turned into a 1988 film, starring Fierstein, Matthew Broderick and Anne Bancroft, directed by Paul Bogart. Prior to Broadway, the show ran off-Broadway at the Richard Allen Center, produced by the Glines, and also at La Mama and the Actor’s Playhouse.”

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Google DeepMind AI system opts for “highly aggressive” strategies to ensure that it comes out on top.

FLYNNED. Was Pence in or out of the loop?

INSTAGRAM UPDATE. Trevor Donovan, Jeremiah Brent, Lenny Kravitz, Tom Daley, and more.

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Different from the OThersDIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS. The tragic lessons of cinema’s first gay love story: “Their alliance, a perfect meeting of passion and pedagogy, seems indivisibly strong—but, by the end of the film, we have learned otherwise, owing to the self-hatred and cruelty that homosexual love can inspire, even in Weimar Berlin.”

DAFT PUNK. Inside their L.A. pop-up shop.

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY. Erika Jayne “Xxpen$ive”.

HUMP DAY HOTTIE. Erwin Castro.

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