Seth Meyers Previews Trump’s Address to Congress: WATCH

Donald Trump will give what may be the most important speech of his presidency tonight before a joint session of Congress.

Seth Meyers noted that Trump will lay out his agenda but that could be difficult “since his agenda so far has consisted largely of complaints about the media.”

Trump plans to talk about infrastructure and prefaced it by complaining about the dangers posed by tiles falling off the Lincoln Tunnel in NYC.

Said Meyers: “It’s the Lincoln Tunnel — even with all the tiles, it’s going to be lousy. Don’t waste money beautifying lost causes…(imitating Trump) ‘We’re also going to make all the rats in the subway wear tuxedos, so that’s going to really class up that operation.’”

And the replacement for Obamacare.

Yesterday, Trump proclaimed “Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated.”

Replied an incredulous Meyers: “Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated? The only way that sentence could be more terrifying is if you heard it just as the anesthesia was kicking in.”

And what kind of tone is Trump going to adopt at tonight’s speech? Will he be whining about the media?

Meyers pointed out that Trump’s logic “makes no sense” because he claims to know who the leakers are from his administration while at the same time saying they need to be found.

And then Meyers mocked Sean Spicer’s method for finding leakers:

“So Spicer tried to crack down on leaks by holding a meeting about leaks warning people not to leak about the meeting about the leaks, and then his warning about the leaks was leaked to the media. It’s like they’re trying to bail out a sinking rowboat with a spaghetti strainer.”


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