Australia Celebrates Coming Out, with Condiments : WATCH

Sydney Coming Out video

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Association publicized a clever metaphor for coming out in a new video entitled “The Big Deal–#EqualLove” to coincide with the city’s iconic LGBT-friendly celebration.

Written and directed by Armand de Saint-Salvy, the clip features a backyard birthday celebration for a father attended by his large family. With everyone greedily drenching their food with barbecue sauce, Dad notices his son, accompanied by an apparent boyfriend, is not doing likewise. When questioned, the young man slowly gets to his feet, takes a deep breath, and declares, “Dad, I’m a tomato sauce [ketchup] man. Always have been.”

His father is momentarily stunned, and leaves to collect himself. He returns shortly, to everyone’s relief, and embraces his son. “We’ve got a party to get started,” he then announces. The mock melodrama ends with a funny observation from Gran.

In an intriguing footnote, the lovers are wearing matching rings, in a country where marriage equality is still not legal and remains in limbo.

Says Saint-Salvy, “In the lead up to Mardi Gras, we thought there was a great opportunity to contribute to the chorus of voices calling for equality. We wanted to make a film that speaks to everyday Australians. A spot that would entertain them, but is laced with a clear social conscious subtext.”

We are left with the poignant message: “A simple difference shouldn’t be a big deal.”



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