Anderson Cooper Has Muted Donald Trump on Twitter to Keep Himself Sane: WATCH

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper sat down with Stephen Colbert last night for a lengthy conversation centered mostly around Donald Trump’s tweets.

Anderson revealed that he has muted Donald Trump on Twitter in order to keep his sanity:

“I’ve actually muted the president on Twitter….I just don’t want to have that drama in my life…I have friends who have mania. I don’t want to be around them all the time. I don’t want them to have my private line and be able to call me…I don’t want the ups and downs in my life I just want to be calm.”

Anderson also said he’s probably had his last interview with Kellyanne Conway.

“I don’t really want to have a relationship with these people.”

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And he also spoke about shirtless photos he posted to Instagram a few months ago from Myanmar in which he was washing an old elephant.

“It was my Vladimir Putin moment,” he said. “I wanted to one-up Putin.”

Anderson also revealed what he thinks about the White House Correspondents Dinner and suggested that Trump find another way to release his stress than on the internet.


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