Seth Meyers Takes a Frightening Look into Trump’s Microwave: WATCH

Trump microwave

Seth Meyers returned to The Late Show last night and proceeded to rip apart the last week in Trumpland, specifically Kellyanne Conway’s claims that the president might have been surveilled through his microwave.

Said Meyers:

“If Trump had a camera in his microwave, that must have been a very distressing feed to watch.”

Meyers then explored Trump’s lack of a plan to replace Obamacare with something remotely workable, noting that he invited members of Congress to the White House for pizza and bowling in order to convince them.

“That’s right, Trump is trying to sway members of Congress with an 8-year-old’s birthday party. Also good news, Steve Bannon has agreed to be a terrifying clown.”

He then looked at the ridiculous Republican behavior around the bill.

The Week reports:

The bill faces stiff resistance, but it has already passed through two of three committees — before the brutal CBO score on Monday showed the plan reducing the number of insured by 24 million people. Meyers showed some of the wackier moments of the overnight committee hearings, including the discussion of taxing the sun. “Yeah, why don’t they tax the sun?” Meyers asked. “Is it because we already know that an orange ball of gas would never pay its taxes?”

“Even Donald Trump won’t put his name on this thing, and one reason for that might be that he’s worried people won’t like it as much as ObamaCare,” Meyers said. “In fact, today, Trump blamed the media for ObamaCare’s rise in popularity in the polls,” and for Obama’s rise in popularity, too. “I love how Donald Trump can’t figure out why Obama is suddenly so popular,” he concluded. “It’s you, dude. It’s you.”


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