US Military Nude Female Photo Investigation Expands to Male Servicemembers Found on Gay Adult Sites


A U.S. military investigation into images of female service members shared on websites without their consent has been expanded to include numerous gay porn websites containing men in military uniforms having sex.

USA Today reports:

The broadened investigation to an increasing number of websites underscores the complexity of policing social media sites where sensitive images can be uploaded in an instant for all to see. In the case of the sites with gay pornography, military investigators will be tasked with determining whether active-duty troops were involved in conduct that could bring discredit on their service, a potential violation of military law.

The Marine Corps is not the only service affected. Images of men in the uniforms of sailors, soldiers and airmen also appear on an array of Tumblr sites. Similar to the Marines United case, it is unclear whether men appearing in the images — some photographed engaging in sex — provided consent to have their images shared publicly. Victims of so-called revenge porn in the Marines United case have limited protection under military law if the photographs or videos were taken originally with their consent.

A joint military task force is investigating and briefed Congress on Thursday.

Investigators are reportedly using face recognition software to comb the photos and determine the identities of the men involved in order to contact them.

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