Chuck Berry, Paul Manafort, Sean Spicer, Floyd Mayweather, Amy Lamé, Ryan Murphy, Tomoya Hosoda: HOT LINKS

RIP. Rock legend Chuck Berry. “Chuck Berry, who died Saturday at 90, was one of the architects of rock ’n’ roll, as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. More than any artist of the 1950s, his songs exploded with imagery that saw rock ’n’ roll not just as a fad but as the future — a vision of freedom that transcended generation and race.”

ANOTHER SEAN SPICER LIE. Rachel Maddow broke the law. “I think it showed a couple things. One, it’s illegal to publish those tax returns…THere’s an act that prohibits that on another citizen. The idea that they would hype the idea that they obtained an illegal document.”

WHITE HOUSE BOUND? Melania and Barron Trump are reportedly moving in June. “Sources familiar with the situation tell us, contrary to some reports the president’s wife and son may stay in NYC indefinitely, we’re told they are ‘absolutely moving after the school year.’”

Paul ManafortWANTED. Ukrainian prosecutors seek to question former Trump campaign aide Paul Manafort in corruption case: “Prosecutors in Kiev said they have made seven separate appeals over the past two years for help in questioning President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, including letters to FBI Director James Comey and US Justice Department officials. Ukrainian officials said the US has not responded to those requests.”

QUEENS, NYC. Man attacks two transgender women, is charged with hate crime: “He allegedly started yelling anti-gay slurs at them, calling them “b*tches” and “f*ggots” before pushing one of the women to the ground. He then punched and kicked her, police said. O’Meara left the scene, but returned with a cane to continue attacking one of the women, according to police.”


TAMPA. Fire breaks out at gay bathhouse for second time in two weeks: “The last fire caused $100,000 in damage was ruled an arson, but no arrests have been made. This Saturday’s fire started about 3 a.m., said Tampa Fire Chief Thomas Forward. When crews came to the scene at 1512 E Eighth Ave., they saw smoke and flames coming through the building’s windows, Forward said. But it wasn’t until 20 minutes later that a second alarm for more units was called. Soon it was a three-alarm fire.”

CHEF Q. Floyd Mayweather’s personal chef says her sexual orientation may have factored in her firing. “I don’t think he’s ever looked at me past as just a gay person or a lesbian.”

Tomoya HosodaJAPAN. First country to elect a trans man to public office: “In a world first, the Japanese city of Iruma has elected a trans man to public office. Tomoya Hosoda, 25, has been elected a councillor of the city. He came out as trans while studying medical science at Teikyo University, and began transition in 2015.”

‘CHUBBY WHITE AMERICAN LESBIAN’. Amy Lamé called in to save London’s nightlife: “Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, appointed Ms. Lamé in November as the city’s Night Czar, dedicated to fostering and promoting night life in the city. Belying its reputation as a world capital for food and entertainment, London has lost about 50 percent of its nightclubs and 35 percent of its locally owned and operated music spots since 2007. The city’s best loved clubs have had acrimonious public fights with developers and residents to stay open.”

murphyPOSE. Ryan Murphy drama, about ’80s NYC, picked up by FX. “Set in 1986, Pose examines the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in New York City: the emergence of the luxury Trump-era universe, the downtown social and literary scene and the ball culture world. Murphy has begun casting for the show, which is expected to feature largely new and unknown performers.

FINLAND. Gay Kurd takes advantage of new same-sex marriage law: “I have decided to marry a man. It is neither acting nor something artificial. This is my nature which I am proud of. I am not a stranger. It was the society that didn’t accept me.I am proud to be the first gay Kurd in Finland to hold the ceremony on this historic day, being one of those whose names were written in the history of this country.”


SUNDAY PUMP. Reuben Joseph.

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