Upcoming Bravo Show ‘Stripped’ Strips Participants of Everything, Including Their Underwear: WATCH


Bravo has been aggressively promoting its upcoming summer show Stripped in which folks are stripped of everything. It seems to be a Naked and Afraid in the real world:

This new social experiment will have participants give up of all of their material possessions, from clothing to furniture to money, for 21 days with only toilet paper, water, and food rations provided. So yes, that means they’ll have to strip down to their birthday suits in front of a camera crew and the whole world, as you can see in the above sneak peek of the series. All the while, they still have to go about their daily lives, doing things like showing up to work and hanging out with friends. Each day, participants will be able to get back one item they absolutely can’t live without from a mobile storage container with their belongings located a half-mile away from their home. And what do they get after surviving three weeks of an experiment that “most Americans would consider insane”? Well, there are no prizes at the end of Stripped, at least of the tangible variety, but participants will find that figuring out what really matters to them most will prove to be a life-changing experience.

Some of you, however, may have just as fine a time checking out the promotional spandex.


The show hit SXSW recently:



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