Seth Meyers Digs into the Insanity of Trump’s ‘Crazy’ Tweeting During the FBI Hearing: WATCH


Seth Meyers warmed up for his Closer Look at the FBI Comey hearings by taking a look at Trump’s branding of Mar-A-Lago as the “Southern White House”, a moniker that has gone through a recent name change:

“Why has he stopped calling it the ‘Winter White House’ and started calling it the ‘Southern White House’? Cause he’s gonna be there year-round motherf**kers!”

Meyers also looked at Trump’s refusal to shake Merkel’s hand: “You know you’re ice cold when even the German chancellor wants to warm things up.”

But then Meyers moved on to the testimony from FBI Director Comey that the bureau has opened an investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Said Meyers:

“That is a huge, huge deal, and yet only 60 days into this administration, you hear that and you’re, like, meh. At this point Melania would have to take Trump on a high-speed chase in a Ford Bronco for us to say, ‘This is unexpected! This is a twist I didn’t see coming!’”

Meyers examined the Republicans on the panel and their desire to look at anything else aside from the Trump-Russia ties, Comey’s bad football analogy, and Comey’s announcement that Trump’s wiretapping claims against Obama had nothing to them:

“There you have it America. You can either trust the head of the National Security Agency or the guy who thinks ‘tap’ is spelled with two Ps.”

But Meyers also made note of the real insanity that took place during the hearing:

“Even crazier, while the hearing was still happening, Trump tweeted. Trump tweeted from the president’s official account! — ‘The NSA and FBI tell Congress that Russia did not influence electoral process.’ — But that’s wrong, they didn’t say that. So later, in the same hearing, Comey was asked to fact-check Trump’s tweet about that hearing, tweets he didn’t know about, because he’d been at the hearing.”


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