FOX News ‘Alert’ That Trump Spent Weekend Working at the White House is Fake News

A FOX News Alert that went out at 5:30 pm on Sunday that read “@POTUS spending weekend working at the White House” was widely mocked on social media because it just wasn’t true.


The Hill reports:

Many pointed out that Trump had traveled twice to the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia over the weekend. He was at the Virginia golf club on Saturday for meetings, and then again on Sunday for about an hour, during which he conducted three short meetings, according to pool reports.

Trump headed back to the White House after his Saturday meetings, and later had dinner at Trump International Hotel near the White House, according to pool reports.

Sunday’s trip marked the president’s 13th visit to a golf course since taking office, though pool reports do not indicate he played this weekend.


The Washington Post adds that nearly one out of every three days since he has been president, Trump has spent at a Trump property:

For the eighth weekend in a row, President Trump has visited a property that bears his name. He has done so on 21 of the 66 days he has been in office, meaning that for the equivalent of three full weeks of his just-over-nine weeks as commander in chief, he has spent all or part of a day at a Trump property — earning that property mentions in the media and the ability to tell potential clients that they might be able to interact with the president. And, despite his insistence on the campaign trail that he would avoid the links — “I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf,” he said in August — he has made 13 visits to his own golf courses since becoming president, likely playing golf on at least 12 of those occasions.

Check the WaPo for the full report.

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