Brooklyn Rapper Mousey Baby Faces 25 Years For Stabbing Two Gay Men: VIDEO

Brooklyn rapper Mousey Baby has been charged with a hate crime after he verbally abused and slashed two men because he thought they were gay. It is alleged that in May last year, Mousey Baby – aka James Thomas – barged into a Crown Fried Chicken branch on Fulton Street and started hurling abuse at a number of men who had recently left nearby gay venue the Langston Club.

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23-year-old Thomas is accused of slashing one restaurant customer across the face. He then fled the scene but ran into two other men leaving the Langston Club, reports the New York Post.

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Thomas pushed one of the men down, pulled out a knife and stabbed the third man twice in the torso and once in the shoulder, according to prosecutors.

Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez said:

“In Brooklyn, everyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or religion must be able to safely walk the streets without fear of being senselessly attacked.”

He added that the incident was “particularly egregious as he attacked three innocent people simply because he perceived them to be gay.

According to DNA Info, Thomas turned himself in after security footage of the crime was released. Currently being held at Rikers Island on $150,000 bail he faces up to 25 years in jail.

(Image via Instagram)

Watch the security footage below.

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