Hacker Takes Over ISIS Twitter Accounts and Replaces Content With Gay Adult Photos: VIDEO

hacker ISIS WauchalaGhost

A hacker has taken over more than 250 ISIS Twitter accounts and filled them with adult content and pro-LGBT messages.

The hacker, who is known as WauchalaGhost, began targeting the Isis accounts 18 months ago and has been threatened with beheading by the group.

According to Indy100, he replaced hundreds of profiles’ images with pro-LGBT messages, often linking to gay adult sites.

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In an interview with CNN, he said:

I get beheading images… death threats. ‘We’re going to kill you’ and that’s good because if they are focusing on me they are not doing anything else.

We started to take over their accounts with porn and gay pride images basically just to troll them. We thought that putting the naked images would offend them.

“If the social media people like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram would stand up and do something it would help.

“Sometimes you have to stand up and make a change for the good.”

WauchalaGhost also said that he does not use graphic images as his intention is not to offend Muslims.

“Our actions,” he told CNN, “are directed at Jihadist extremists. Many of our own [group of hackers] are Muslim and we respect all religions that do not take innocent lives.”

Watch the CNN report below.

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