Trump Poses in Oval Office With Pastor Who Said Gay Men Want to Molest Children

Prior to signing his “religious freedom” executive order yesterday, Donald Trump posed for a photo in the Oval Office – which does not have any corners – with anti-LGBT persecuted Christian Robert Jeffress.

In 2015, Jeffress said that ongoing “gay cake” rows would lead to an anti-Christian holocaust. He also claimed that same-sex marriage would have terrible consequences for Christians, that cakes at same-sex weddings are a sign of the Antichrist and that all gay men want is to molest children. In 2014, so rabid had end-times pastor Jeffress become that he had to specify that no, he really didn’t think Barack Obama was the actual Antichrist.

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A Tuesday night dinner with religious right leaders included Jeffress along with such luminaries as James Dobson, Jim Garlow, Paula White and the lovely Franklin Graham.


According to Right Wing Watch, at the dinner, Jeffress said that the people in the room are going to be “your most loyal” and “enthusiastic supporters, and we thank God every day that you’re the president of the United States.”


Right Wing Watch also notes that Jeffress is so extreme in his views that even Mitt Romney publicly condemned him during his presidential bid.


Some people commenting on Dan Scavino’s tweet seemed a touch confused.



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