Justin Amash, Mike Hot-Pence, Donatella Versace, Squatty Potty, Lawrence O’Donnell: HOT LINKS

IMPEACH. Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) says if Comey memo allegations are true, impeachment is in order: “Amash made the statement to reporters on Wednesday. Amash also told reporters that he trusts Comey more than President Trump.”

EGOMANIAC. Trump reads briefs if his name is included: “National Security Council officials have strategically included Trump’s name in “as many paragraphs as we can because he keeps reading if he’s mentioned,” according to one source, who relayed conversations he had with NSC officials.”

roy cooperPENELOPE CRUZ. The most beautiful Donatella Versace of all time.

NORTH CAROLINA. Roy Cooper says LGBT protection on the way: “My goal is statewide LGBT protections in North Carolina, and I’m going to keep fighting every day until I get to that point,” he said, to applause. “… It would have been politically and probably emotionally easier for me to keep pounding the table and not accept a compromise but I knew it wasn’t right.”

KATHY GRIFFIN. The new face of Squatty Potty.

MSNBC. Turmoil at network may hit Lawrence O’Donnell and president Phil Griffin.

KENTUCKY. LGBT and civil rights groups file complaint against Kentucky judge who refuses adoptions to gay couples: “Rather than displaying a fair and open mind in all adoption matters, Judge Nance blindly condemns gay and bisexual people and puts his discriminatory beliefs above the best interest of the child,” said Currey Cook, Counsel and Director, Youth in Out-of-Home Care Project, at Lambda Legal. “Lambda Legal cannot and will not stand by while this judge ignores the best interests of children in favor of stereotypes that have been thoroughly debunked by well-established social science research. We urge Kentucky’s Judicial Conduct Commission to conduct a prompt and thorough inquiry and remove him from judicial office.”

JOSH DUHAMEL. Flaunting his gym bod.

BRIGHTON, UK. 93-year-old man says UK’s apology for indecency conviction is “most wonderful day of his life”.


MIKE HOT-PENCE. Doing God’s work. More here.


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