Cazwell Wants to Make America Femme Again with ‘Loose Wrists’ – WATCH

NYC-based rapper Cazwell is back with “Loose Wrists”, the first single from his new music label Snow Cone, and hopes to “make America femme again.”

Cazwell performs much of the clip with his dancers in a set of pastel lace rompers designed by Hoza Rodriguz that have already gone viral on social media.

Instagram Photo


Said Cazwell of the lace fashion: “I was surprised by the reaction because the outfits are way more conservative than the shirtless guys in Speedos and jockstraps I typically have in my videos.”

He adds: “I noticed a Femme pride movement brewing a few years back but it has not been so visible until now. Its about time we all embrace femme. Whether we are gay or straight, when men get in touch with their feminine sides, it gives a real sense of empowerment.”

He sees himself as part of the resistance and hopes you will be too:

“We have a president that wants to take us off of the census and a vice president that believes shock therapy will cure gayness. At the end of last year, I vowed to be as gay as possible with my music and videos. We have to be more visible than ever and I hope I inspire that.”

Instagram Photo

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