CNN’s Jim Acosta is Fed Up with ‘Useless’ Sean Spicer, White House Press Suppression: WATCH

Jim Acosta

CNN’s Jim Acosta has had it with “useless” Sean Spicer and the stonewalling from the White House on issues of national importance.

Said Acosta this afternoon after attending an off-camera press gaggle at which Sean Spicer (who is apparently searching for his replacement) took a question from a Russian reporter and not CNN:

“The White House press secretary is getting to a point, Brooke, where he’s just kind of useless. You know, if he can’t come out and answer the questions and they’re not going to do this on camera or audio…why are we having these briefings or gaggles in the first place?”

Acosta said that Spicer has still not got an answer for the press on whether Trump believes in climate change, a question that was posed weeks ago.


Acosta also tweeted: “Make no mistake about what we are all witnessing. This is a WH that is stonewalling the news media. Hiding behind no camera/no audio gaggles. There is a suppression of information going on at this WH that would not be tolerated at a city council mtg or press conf with a state gov. Call me old fashioned but I think the White House of the United States of America should have the backbone to answer questions on camera.”





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