NYPD Officers’ League to Honor Twerking Cop Michael Hance

Michael Hance

The Gay Officers Action League (GOAL) chapter of the New York City police department will honor recently deceased officer Michael Hance, who starred in a viral video from 2015 as he enthusiastically danced with a Pride parade participant, during its Pride celebration this Wednesday.

The Daily News reports:

Police Officer Michael Hance’s family will be in attendance when GOAL acknowledges the fallen cop with their Ally Award for his impromptu dance as he stood a post during the city’s 2015 Pride Parade.

The award will be given out at the 2017 NYPD Pride Celebration at 1 Police Plaza.

“People look at what he did and say, ‘OK, it’s a (short) clip’ — but that video was viewed nearly 10 million times,” said GOAL president Brian Downey.

“We’re so appreciative of the attention that was drawn by this one act of kindness.”

The video made a stir at the time and the identity of the (straight) officer was soon discovered and celebrated. Unfortunately, he passed in March of this year due to a 9/11-related cancer.

The GOAL event will feature television personality Andy Cohen and will also honor Deputy Commissioner Cathleen S. Perez.

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