Anti-Gay Baker at Center of SCOTUS Case Says Jesus Wouldn’t Have Baked for a Gay Wedding: WATCH

Jack Phillips

Anti-gay Colorado baker Jack Phillips, whose refusal to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding is at the center of a ‘religious freedom’ case taken up by the Supreme Court last week, appeared on a recent episode of The View. to discuss the case and his story.

Phillips told the ladies that he doesn’t believe Jesus would have baked a cake for a gay wedding:

“Would Jesus have made the cake? I don’t believe he would have, because that would have contradicted the rest of the Biblical teaching.”

Joy Behar disagreed:  “You can believe the Bible and everything but Jesus, that’s a deal breaker. Jesus is gonna make the cake.”

Phillips said he’s not a homophobe, just a follower of Jesus: “I believe that the Bible clearly teaches that marriage is between one man and one woman. I’m not judging these two gay men who came in. I’m just trying to preserve my right as an artist to decide which artistic endeavors I’m going to do and which one’s I’m not.”


via Towleroad Gay News


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