Pat Robertson: Evil Democrats Framed Innocent Sap Donald Trump Jr. – WATCH

pat robertson

Pat Robertson though.

Long before Ann Coulter and Linda Harvey started plying their trade in well paid devil-obsessed chicanery, old Pat was at the helm of sky fairy-inspired anti-LGBT hate.

Same-sex marriage? Created by Satan to ruin the U.S. economy. Stock exchange? God is selling his shares because he doesn’t agree with gay marriage. Oft married Kim Davis? Nothing less than a “victim of sodomy”.

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So of course Donald Trump thought Robertson would be the perfect interviewer/vessel through which to reach his deplorable fan base.

The hoary old charlatan’s latest wheeze? Apparently the 2016 meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer was set up by Democratic operatives who “wanted to get caught” in order to “disrupt America” and Papa Trump’s agenda.


Speaking on his show The 700 Club last weekend, Robertson added that consulting firm Fusion GPS worked with Democrats on the shady meeting.

According to Right Wing Watch, he explained that Fusion was involved because it was “responsible for a dossier alleging that Russia had incriminating information about then-candidate Donald Trump and had once worked on a lawsuit that involved the Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr.”

“My thought,” concluded Robertson, “was maybe this group wanted to get caught to prove that they could disrupt America after Trump won.”

Sounds legit.

Watch Robertson’s comments below.

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