Caitlyn Jenner Irks Trans Community Again with ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’ Duet Joke: VIDEO

Caitlyn Jenner joked on Instagram yesterday that she and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler are working on a duet of the band’s track “Dude Looks Like a Lady”.

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Jenner’s caption didn’t sit well with some members of the trans community, who let it be known in the comments.

Said one commenter: “you ignorant twat, its people like you that make me fear transition. and you’re f**king trans yourself, do the community a favor and stop acting like you rep us. you are ruining us. GO AWAY!!!!”

Added another: “I’ve been laughed out of cafes and bars with this song @caitlynjenner. This song is used as a form of transphobic abuse. So many have had it done to them like it was to me. Transwomen are not ‘dudes’. We are women.”

And another: “You’ve gotta be kidding every binary transwoman in the world @caitlynjenner This song has been used as a humilation towards us for years. How could you not know this. Are you even a real transwoman or is this just a continuation of a PR stunt to make transwomen further stigmatised and ridiculed. Stop trying be famous and either shut the f**k up or speak wisely. Acknowledge that most transwomen have sweet fuck all privlege and no voice. So use your privelege ethically. 😰”

The track has been used to mock trans people. In the most well-known recent instance, FOX News played it over a segment on trans Wikileaks soldier Chelsea Manning.

And then there was this incident with a couple of Rochester radio hosts, who played it during a segment in which they mocked New York’s announcement that it would be adding transgender health benefits for employees and their families in the city medical plan.

Jenner talked about the song on Jimmy Kimmel Live, telling Kimmel it was her theme song.

Said Jenner:

“That was two nights ago. I was at a fundraiser in Minneapolis and he was the entertainment. I met him once briefly, years and years ago, but I’m sitting there and I got to go and say hi. So I go backstage after and I say to Steven, ‘I have had some really, really tough times in my life. For six years at one point I stayed in my house, and every once in a while I would sneak out, get dressed and drive around in the dark. I always used to take your song, ‘Dude Looks Like A Lady,’ and that became my theme song. Driving around in my little car with my little CD in there, whipping up the tunes and stuff. And I just wanted you to know that it made me feel good.’”


Jenner also talked about voting for Trump.

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