Gay Adult Film Star Blake Mitchell Speaks Out About Being Followed by Anthony Scaramucci on Twitter

Blake Mitchell, a gay porn star who made some headlines over the weekend after posting a screenshot showing he was being followed by White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, is speaking out.

Scaramucci, who deleted several tweets which supported LGBTQ rights shortly after becoming Trump’s White House Communications Director, also follows more than 167,000 other people on Twitter, including myself (@andytowle) and Towleroad (@tlrd). You should too if you’re not already!

It’s not so odd that Scaramucci follows many people on Twitter. However, most people who follow as many people as Scaramucci does, follow people back once they themselves are followed.

I discovered that Scaramucci was following me as well as Towleroad before we had followed him.

Here’s Mitchell’s tweet:


The Los Angeles Blade reports:

“I posted the screenshot that showed that he was following me,” Mitchell, who identifies as bi-sexual, told The Los Angeles Blade. “He was in a Twitter ‘Moments’ slideshow, and I clicked on his profile inside that. When I saw he was following me, my reaction was exactly what I posted online — Wait…what?”

Mitchell, who says he decided not to return Anthony Scaramucci’s Twitter follow, rates himself above average in terms of his interest in national politics.

“I vote every chance I get, and I’m not afraid to ‘get political,’” Mitchell told The Los Angeles Blade. “But I’m at a point in my career where focusing more energy on the current political situation would detract from my abilities to climb the corporate ladder if you will.”

In addition to a porn career, Mitchell is also a full-time university student in San Diego, where he studies business.

He says he’s been surprised before to find other VIP fans and followers, but “I’d have to say, Anthony Scaramucci is the most surprising follower I have.”

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