Pro Wrestler Jake Atlas Comes Out as Gay

Jake Atlas gay

Pro wrestler Jake Atlas, who was recently named SoCal Uncensored’s ‘Rookie of the Year’, came out as gay last week.

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Said Atlas, 23, in a statement:

In July 2015, I made a bold statement to my trainer, Robby Phoenix that I would win the Rookie of the Year award. Brody King, Douglas James and myself started our training around the same time, so when they won the award, I promised them that I would finish the trifecta.

This award may mean a lot to some and nothing to others, but to me however, it is my biggest accomplishment to date. The award itself, of course, but the journey to achieving it is what I am most proud of. The commitment, sacrifice, and dedication to reach a goal I set out for myself proves that with hard work, it’s what you put out that determines what you receive.

I’ve been trained by the very best in Joey Kaos, Los Luchas, Kevin Condron and Robby Phoenix. I owe it to them for instilling important values that help me strive for success each and every day. I’m proud to represent the best school in California (and one of the best in the nation.)

Last, I am proud to fulfill my promise of coming out publicly about my sexuality to be a voice for those that struggle with this issue like I have for many, many years; to be a voice that reminds everyone in the same shoes that there is nothing you cannot achieve.

I made history. And I plan to make more. This is only the beginning of many “firsts” left to come in my career. Thank you.

Atlas also talked about his decision in an interview with SoCal Uncensored: “Everyone says that. Who cares if you’re gay? Who cares if you’re black? Who cares if you’re blue? Whatever it is, just be good. That’s great. You have to understand that there are people out there who still hold themselves back because of those insecurities. I want to be that voice to tell them, hey, who cares? Be you. Be successful.”

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