‘Christian’ Haters are About to Convene a ‘Make America Straight Again’ Conference: WATCH

A group of “Christian” hate leaders is planning a “Make America Straight Again” conference.

Friendly Atheist reports on some of the participants: “Patrick Boyle of Revival Baptist Church in Orlando (above) …  Steven Anderson, who celebrated the [Pulse] massacre as soon as it happened because there were ’50 less pedophiles in this world.’ …  Roger Jimenez, who said the worst thing about the massacre was that the shooter ‘didn’t finish the job.’ …  Tommy McMurtry, who wishes we could go back to the time when society put gay people in their place: ‘six feet under.’ … Bruce Mejia, who says LGBTQ stands for ‘Let God Burn Them Quickly’ and who thinks just preaching against gay people isn’t enough.”

The conference is happening this weekend, and it’s not coincidental that it’s happening in Orlando on the week of the anniversary of the Pulse massacre.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office declined a request to provide security for their conference.

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