John Oliver Rips ‘Human Boat Shoe’ Tucker Carlson for Calling ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protests Worse Than Police Brutality: WATCH

John Oliver blasted Tucker Carlson on Last Week Tonight Sunday night after the FOX News host said that protests against the murder of unarmed black man George Floyd were worse than police brutality.

Said Carlson: “Rioting is the one thing you don’t want. Ugly opinions, police brutality, officious birdwatchers, rude entitled ladies walking their dogs in big-city parks — all of that is bad. But none of it is nearly as bad as what you just saw.”

Replied Oliver: “First, f**k you, Tucker. That’s just a general point. … But look, for the larger point here, people like Tucker love to venerate order at moments like this, and that’s easy to do when order in its current form is designed to benefit and protect you. But it’s hard to overstate how clearly we’ve been reminded lately of the hostility of our existing ‘order’ toward black people, who have been killed by police in the streets, killed by police in their own home, killed by ‘wannabe’ police in the streets and threatened with state violence while literally birding. And collectively, that’s got to be some sort of brutality BINGO right there.”

Oliver also did a segment on mail-in voting amid the coronavirus pandemic which included more idiotic remarks from Carlson.

Said the FOX News host: “Why haven’t we had mail-in ballots for the last 230 years? Maybe the reason is mail-in ballots are an invitation to widespread fraud and manipulation. And if you want to rattle people’s faith in the system that we’ve had for centuries, maybe you would do that.”

Replied Oliver: “Your premise that voting by mail is a new idea that would shatter democracy is in fact completely wrong and deeply stupid. That’s not a reflection on you though, is it? You just engaged in a dialogue in good faith, so thank you. Unless you weren’t doing that, in which case go f**k yourself, you human boat shoe.”

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