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Melania Trump, Morrissey, Straight People, Classic Rock, Italy, Carrie Fisher, Cher ‘Mamma Mia’: HOT LINKS

MELANIA TRUMP. She’s here to save Puerto Rico with a new PSA.

LUNCH CHAT. Mitch McConnell warned Trump that Steve Bannon could undermine his agenda: “The Kentucky Republican warned that Bannon’s push to find challengers for GOP lawmakers could make it difficult to accomplish key agenda items, like tax reform, as some of the Republicans Bannon is targeting are key supporters. ”

A SEVERED TONGUE. What Carrie Fisher sent a Hollywood producer who sexually assaulted her friend.

FORBES LIST. Trump drops 92 places on richest people in America list: “A tough New York real estate market, a costly lawsuit and an expensive presidential campaign all contributed to the declining fortune of the 45th president. After months of digging through financial disclosures and public property records and conducting dozens of interviews, Forbes now estimates POTUS’ net worth at $3.1 billion, down from $3.7 billion a year ago. He drops to No. 248 in the ranks of the richest people in America, down from No. 156 in 2016.”

CherMAMMA MIA. Cher has signed on for the sequel to the hit movie.

$238,000. How much Trump’s campaign has paid the lawyers for Donald Jr.: “Trump’s campaign made two payments — one in mid July, the other in early August — to the law firm of Alan S. Futerfas, a lawyer for the president’s son, who is facing scrutiny over a 2016 meeting he had with a Russian lawyer while seeking damaging information about Democrat Hillary Clinton. The third-quarter disclosures with the Federal Election Commission didn’t specify what the legal expenses were for.”


John McCain spurious nationalismSPURIOUS NATIONALISM. Trump hits back at McCain: “Well it’s a shocker,” the president told radio host Chris Plante in response to a question about McCain’s comments. “Yeah, well I hear it and people have to be careful because at some point I fight back. You know, I’m being very nice. I’m being very, very nice. But at some point I fight back and it won’t be pretty.”

NYT. The gay architects of classic rock: “One of the 20th century’s most powerful creations was the rock star: the preening, erotic god of guitar-fired defiance. But those who embodied that character didn’t spring from nowhere. Managers groomed them and shaped them, and in the classic rock era those managers were often gay men.”

ITALY. Two men arrested for gang attack on gay couple in Bari. Four are still at large. “The couple, both 30, a Bari man and his Spanish boyfriend, were attacked by a gang of seven young people. Police have so far managed to indentify three of them, the two arrested Tuesday aged 19 and 20 plus a minor who has been placed under investigation. The attack took place in front of many beachgoers.”

REESE WITHERSPOON. A director sexually assaulted me at 16: “I’ve had multiple experiences of harassment and sexual assault, and I don’t speak about them very often. But after hearing all the stories these past few days and hearing these brave women speak up tonight, the things that we’re kind of told to sweep under the rug and not talk about, it’s made me want to speak up and speak up loudly because I felt less alone this week than I’ve ever felt in my entire career.”

OH STRAIGHT PEOPLE. Ellen launches a new segment.

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY. Morrissey “Spent the Day in Bed”.

TOO HOT TUESDAY. John Kim, captain of the swim team at Virginia Military Institute, who just came out.

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Jake Shears Announces First-Ever London Solo Show and Date in NYC

Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears has some big solo things on his schedule. After a five-city tour through the South earlier this summer he has just announced a show in NYC and his first London show.

And check out the music backing up his Instagram posts for a taste of what may be in store.

The London show takes place on November 14th at Heaven. Ticket info for both shows is HERE.

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And the NYC show is in Brooklyn at Elsewhere.

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Rachel Maddow Talks with Writer Who Reported Pence ‘Wants to Hang’ All Gays; White House Denies – WATCH

Rachel Maddow Jane Mayer

Rachel Maddow yesterday spoke with Jane Mayer, the New Yorker writer whose story, which alleged that Trump said Mike Pence “wants to hang” all gays, made headlines.

Mayer and Maddow talked about Pence’s religious extremism and general incompetence as Indiana governor.

The White House, of course, has denied the remarks, releasing a statement through Pence spokesperson Alyssa Farah, who said:

“Articles like this are why the American people have lost so much faith in the press. The New Yorker piece is filled with unsubstantiated, unsourced claims that are untrue and offensive.”


And segment two, if you’re interested:

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California Legalizes Non-Binary Gender Option for Driver’s Licenses, Government IDs

Jerry Brown

California Governor Jerry Brown

Transgender Californians can now legally embrace a third gender on government IDs, a move advocates hope will open the door for more states to be more welcoming to gender non-binary residents. The bill signed into law Sunday by Democrat Governor Jerry Brown allows transgender and nonbinary citizens to select a third gender on state-issued documents, allowing…



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10 Sexy Costume Ideas for Halloween New Orleans, This Year’s Hottest Gay Disco Bash

As October is already upon us, now is the time to start locking down those Halloween plans. With its unique history, innovative food scene, and vibrant nightlife, there is no better place to spend the spooky holiday than New Orleans.

And this fall’s must-not-miss weekend is Halloween New Orleans, the best gay Halloween celebration in the nation, Oct. 20-22. Now in its 34rd year, Halloween New Orleans benefits Project Lazarus, a New Orleans-based organization that provides assisted-living care for people living with HIV/AIDS.

The fun kicks off with plenty of treats (and maybe a few tricks) at the Main Event (Boogie on the Dance Floor) party on Oct. 21, featuring a DJ set by Chris Cox as well as a costume contest and stage parade. On Sunday, after you’ve had your fill of breakfast beignets, head over to the Tea Dance on the Pier from noon to five, featuring a performance from DJ Kitty Glitter. The weekend ends with a crowd-pleasing Second Line through the French Quarter, because what visit to New Orleans would be complete without a second line?

More information about Halloween New Orleans and ticket information is available at

All you need now is a costume. Sure, you can put a gay spin on the old Mean Girls adage about costumes (substituting a jockstrap for lingerie paired with some form of animal ears), but this year’s Halloween New Orleans party is disco/Studio 54-themed, so you better come correct.

For inspiration, we’ve compiled 10 creative costume ideas to wear while shaking your groove thang all weekend.


1. For the more hirsute Halloweeners, grab two of your best squirrel friends to recreate the look of disco pioneers the Bee Gees. White jackets with wide lapels, gold medallion necklaces and bell bottoms are a must. Amp up the camp with lots of extra chest hair or just go au naturale with a sexy, otter bare-chested ensemble under a white blazer. (Plus, if your mates cancel last minute, it’s easy to modify this one into a Saturday Night Fever costume if you find yourself flying solo.)

2. It’s easy enough to assemble your own Village People costumes from any local costume shop. All you need to do is adjust to your level of sexy (replacing pants with shorter and shorter shorts for the police officer and construction worker, more fetish wear for the leather man, etc.) Just do everyone a favor and don’t even try the Native American costume, OK?

3. ABBA provides the flashiest disco wear for groups. Bright colors, shiny metallics and flares on flares on flares define the out-of-this-world fashion made famous by these Swedish pop masters. Luckily, you can easily pick up a skintight costume that fits this motif under the generic “disco” label.


4. The dearly-departed David Bowie frequented Studio 54. With that bright red hair and the signature blue and red lightning bold over the right eye, you can channel Bowie’s Aladdin Sane persona, or throw on that ice blue suit from the “Life on Mars” video.

5. There are only two things you need to elevate a generic disco getup into Elton John: over-sized, round sunglasses (preferably rimmed in rhinestones) and gap teeth.

6. There were tons of divas that defined the disco era, but few more original than Sylvester. The R&B singer with an incredible falsetto may not be as instantly recognizable, but he’s a unique muse. Pile on the sequins and top the lewk off with a beaded headpiece. Throw on some light makeup, no need to beat a full mug, but a little eye shadow, liner and lipstick will capture Sylvester’s androgynous style without looking like Divine.

7. If you’re looking for a high-impact costume that’s easy to execute, channel your inner Queen. To emulate the legendary frontman Freddie Mercury, all you need is white pants, a white tank and that thick mustache.


8. Put a gender-bending twist on Star WarsPrincess Leia with inspiration from Leia’s famous gold bikini. All you’ll need is gold briefs and some brown leather harness details.

Luke Cage

9. Thanks to a critically-acclaimed Netflix series, Marvel’s Luke Cage got a fresh, modern makeover. However, his 1970s Power Man persona would feel right at home at Studio 54. Throw a chunky steel chain around your waist, bright yellow button down open down to there and, of course, Power Man’s signature tiara to appear ripped from the comic book page.


10 . There are few things more emblematic of the disco years than the mirror ball. It also makes one of the easiest costumes to pull off in a pinch. Metallic silver briefs and bodypaint will do the trick.

For more information about Halloween New Orleans and ticket information is available at

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Man Tortured His Girlfriend’s 8-Year-Old Son to Death Because He Thought Boy Was Gay: Prosecutor

Gabriel Fernandez

An L.A. County District Attorney says 32-year-old Isauro Aguirre fatally tortured his girlfriend’s 8-year-old son because he thought the kid was gay. The boy’s mother, Pearl Fernandez, was an accomplice and also faces trial.

KTLA reports:

Prosecutor Jon Hatami detailed the acts allegedly committed by Aguirre and the boy’s mother, Pearl Fernandez, who also faces trial.

Hatami explained that the Palmdale couple beat Gabriel, bit him, burned him with cigarettes, whipped him, shot him with a B.B. gun, starved him, fed him cat litter, and kept him gagged and bound in a small cubby until he was found on May 22, 2013. The couple called first responders to treat Gabriel, but that was only in an attempt to mislead, the prosecutor said.

“They didn’t call 911 to help Gabriel. They called 911 to cover up what they did,” Hatami said. “The defendant lied on the 911 call.”

The boy was hospitalized and died two days later…

…The prosecutor said that Aguirre made Gabriel dress up in girls’ clothes and go to school. He added that Aguirre just didn’t like Gabriel and thought the boy was gay, and that was his motivation for his treatment of the child.

Aguirre’s attorney John Allan said that his client never intended the boy to die, a claim the prosecutor disputes:

“He is guilty of murder, but the special circumstance alleged, that he intended kill Gabriel with the infliction of torture, is not true,” Allan said.

“Despite the horrific abuse, Isauro never intended for Gabriel to die,” he said.

Hatami showed the jury text messages between Aguirre and the boy’s mother and said they prove the couple conspired together to torture and kill Gabriel. The texts also show that the couple tried to conceal their actions against the boy in order to prevent anyone knowing that they were harming him, according to Hatami.



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Cheyenne Jackson Shares a Lady Gaga Cover: WATCH

Cheyenne Jackson shared some Lady Gaga with his followers on social media yesterday. The American Horror Story: Cult actor is touring the U.S. with his concert show and sang “Edge of Glory” during his soundcheck for a performance in Vienna, Virginia.


Jackson is set to perform next in Palm Springs on October 27.

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