Openly Gay Minister Ordained by Minneapolis Presbyterian Church: VIDEO


Daniel Vigilante became the first openly gay Presbyterian minister in Minnesota on Saturday, KARE11 reports:

Daniel Vigilante is now the minister of outreach at Trinity Community Church at 28th and Humboldt Avenue. He tried to get ordained 13 years ago, but he had to remove himself from the process because the church wouldn’t accept his sexual orientation.

“This is just an enormous step for the Presbyterian Church and such a statement that the church is a place for everyone,” he said. “It’s inclusive. It’s for young and old and gay and straight. Men and women can be a part of it and be in full leadership.”

Vigilante is one of just about a dozen gay and lesbian members who have been ordained since 2011 when the Presbyterian Church lifted its ban on gay clergy.


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New York Post Endorses Quinn & Lhota

Christine Quinn today earned a newspaper hat trick as the third of New York City’s three biggest dailies joined the New York Times and the New York Daily News in endorsing her. (Like the Times did on Saturday, the Post has also endorsed Republican front-runner Joe Lhota, the former head of the MTA.)  But the Rupert Mudoch-owned Post cannot resist slamming Quinn’s “lurch to the left” even as it endorses her.

If we were seeing today the Chris Quinn that we saw a few years ago, this would be a more enthusiastic endorsement. As speaker, Quinn often showed courage and responsibility by siding with Mayor Bloomberg, as well as by opposing the dangerous proposals of her far more radical council members. Ever since her mayoral campaign kicked in, however, she has lurched hard to the left, embracing the kind of ridiculous nostrums for which she had previously shown considerable and rightful contempt.

A perfect example: the ill-advised mandatory paid sick-leave bill, which for years she courageously refused to bring to a council vote, only to reverse herself last spring when she was sharply criticized by her mayoral opponents and the unions. Similarly, she first declared unconditionally she would retain Ray Kelly as police commissioner. Then she made her proposal for an NYPD inspector general, a new and unnecessary layer of oversight. That turned the race into a referendum on the police, and stop-and-frisk came under withering political attack. Hard to imagine Ray Kelly would take her up on the job offer now.

The primary is two weeks from tomorrow.

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IOC Presidential Candidate Believes Russia: ‘Sochi Will Be a Wonderful Games’

Last week, Towleroad reported that Human Rights Watch and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) sent a letter to the IOC demanding that candidates for president of the organization (Jacques Rogge is due to be replaced next month) make their views known on Russia’s anti-gay laws and steps they would take regarding the Sochi Winter Games.

MgsermiangOne of those candidates, Mg Ser Miang, a Singaporean supermarket chief who is also a VP of the IOC, made clear today that he has no plans to do anything, because it’s going to be a “wonderful” games.

AFP reports:

“Sochi has put in quite heavy investment because of the need for them to develop a lot of infrastructure,” Ng told AFP in an interview at his office in Singapore.

“This anti-gay law, we now have a written assurance from the highest authority that there will be no discrimination of any kind, respect to the provisions of the Olympic Charter as well as the fundamental principle against discrimination of any kind. So the rights of those who are attending the Games, from spectators, to officials, to media, especially the athletes, will be respected. I believe that Sochi will be a wonderful Games.”

He added: “In some of these issues I believe in quiet diplomacy to deal with these issues,” he said. “It’s a common goal that we want to have a successful Games and the IOC is very clear and very strong — the IOC is against discrimination of any kind.”


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Russian Leader Says Gays ‘Sabotaging’ Blood System, Proposes Gay-to-Straight Conversion Program

DegtyaryovState Duma Deputy Mikhail Degtyaryov, a Moscow mayoral candidate for the LDPR party, is calling for a ban on blood donations by gay men, The Moscow Times reports:

“[Degtyarov] said Monday that his proposal is not an act of discrimination but a precautionary measure since over 65 percent of HIV-infected individuals are men, Interfax reported…

Degtyaryov said that the Duma is also considering a program to provide anonymous and voluntary counseling for gay and bisexual people who want to be heterosexual. “Many want to return to a normal life, to become heterosexual like 95 to 99 percent of our citizens,” Degtyaryov said.

He also said that failure to forbid homosexuals from donating blood is a type of “sabotage.”

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Bishop Of Honolulu: Gay Marriage Will Force Normal People To Be Re-Educated

“Would people who firmly believe that God made us male and female, and that God has revealed that homosexual ACTS are sinful be allowed to hold such beliefs? Or would they have to be ‘re-educated’ to think as ‘normal’ people think? Would churches that refuse to celebrate same-sex marriage because of deeply held religious convictions be deprived of the freedom to live those convictions? Would Christians, Muslims, and others who believe that homosexual ACTS are contrary to God’s law (the law that governs those whom God himself has created in such wonder) be persecuted for holding on to those beliefs that have been so sacred to us for centuries? Will the religious freedom we treasure be only a paper freedom, while we will be told what we may or may not believe?” – Bishop Larry Silva, of the Diocese Of Honolulu, in an open letter to Hawaii’s Catholics which also compares same-sex marriage to incest and pedophilia and asks followers to “pray a rosary every day” until the threat of gay marriage has ended. (Tipped by JMG reader Str8 Grandmother)

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FLORIDA: Condo Association Reverses Ban On Selling To Unmarried Couples

Earlier this month we learned that a condo association in Florida had instituted a new rule which stipulates that their units may only be sold to single people or to legally married “husband and wife” couples. News of the new rule made national headlines and now a lawyer for the condo association has written a new bylaw that reverses the policy.

As the controversy frothed, the board at the 160-unit complex, which is near Jacaranda Boulevard and U.S. 41, remained silent, refusing to explain the new policy. But on Thursday board member Bill Moniz said the intent was never to discriminate. Moniz and attorney Dan Lobeck, who represents the condominium association but did not write the controversial amendment, said the purpose of the amendment was to keep corporations from coming in and buying up multiple units in the neighborhood. “We never wanted to prevent anyone from living here,” Moniz said. “I intend to make this right.”

The condo association has 45 days to approve the new policy, which stipulates that sales may be made to single people or any “two natural persons,” which is legal-speak for “not a corporation.” Many Florida municipalities and some counties have ordinances that protect LGBT residents from housing discrimination, but Sarasota County does not. 

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NHL Star Sidney Crosby: ‘I Don’t Agree’ with Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws – VIDEO


The NHL’s top player Sidney Crosby was asked about his views on Russia’s anti-gay laws at a press conference for Team Canada on Sunday.

“It’s not something we’ve discussed a whole lot though, but, for me growing up in Canada, my view has always been that way. I think that everyone has an equal right to play and I think we’ve been supportive of that. With the Olympics and the controversy around that I think those decisions or those laws aren’t necessarily something that we might agree with, I don’t agree with personally … their laws and their views, everyone’s entitled to those.”

Crosby’s Team Canada teammate, Nashville Predators star Shea Weber (also a supporter of the You Can Play foundation) said he too disagrees, but echoed Crosby’s intent to play in Russia and focus on the game:

“Obviously, the NHLPA and myself are trying to support that cause. Like Sidney said, the way we’re brought up is different than how the Russians view it. We’re going over there to play hockey and obviously that’s what we’re going to try and focus on this year throughout our season.”


High-profile Olympic athletes had better start getting their answers prepared because they are all going to be asked about this before the Games begin.


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