Crazy Eyes: God Will Stop Hillary Clinton

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According to a just published study, the size of a man’s testicles can predict how involved he’ll be in the upbringing of his children.

Researchers at Emory University, US, said those with smaller testicles were more likely to be involved with nappy changing, feeding and bath time. They also found differences in brain scans of fathers looking at images of their child, linked to testicle size. But other factors, such as cultural expectations, also played a role. Levels of promiscuity and testicle size are strongly linked in animals, those with the largest pair tending to mate with more partners. The researchers were investigating an evolutionary theory about trade-offs between investing time and effort in mating or putting that energy into raising children. The idea being that larger testicles would suggest greater commitment to creating more children over raising them.

Only 70 men took part in the study.

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NYC Democratic Mayoral Race Too Close To Call Regarding Possible Runoff

Democratic mayoral leader Bill de Blasio appears to have very narrowly avoided a runoff, having eked out a scant 0.19% more votes than the 40% requirement at this writing. But with 97%  of the precincts having reported, the city’s Board Of Elections announced that it now count absentee ballots and the paper ballots used yesterday for malfunctioning machines. A final count is not expected until Monday, possibly later.

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Would-Be Kitten-Killer Joe Lhota Wins GOP Primary For New York City Mayor

During his victory speech, former MTA head Joe Lhota crowed and crowed as if he didn’t just take only ten percent of the votes won by Bill De Blasio, who competed in a hotly contested ten-person field. During his speech Lhota reaffirmed his support for stop-and-frisk, declaring, “I won’t handcuff our police officers.” But he will handcuff thousands of innocent black and Latino men.

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Corey Johnson Declares Victory in NYC City Council Race


Community and LGBT activist (and former political editor for Towleroad) Corey Johnson has declared victory his NYC City Council primary race.

Tweeted Johnson: “WE WON!! IT’S OVER!! THANK YOU ALL!!”

A NY Times report on the vote tally showed Johnson up nearly 2-1 over opponent Yetta Kurland with 61% of voting areas reporting.

Bill de Blasio took a wide lead in New York City’s Democratic mayoral primary tonight, poised to beat out eight other contenders, including William Thompson and
Christine Quinn, the out City Council Speaker who had hoped to be NYC’s
first woman and gay mayor. It was unclear if De Blasio would have the 40% needed to avoid a run-off with the runner-up.

In other City Council races, transgender candidate Mel Wymore was running neck-and-neck with Helen Rosenthal in District 5 with 26% reporting, and Carlos Menchaca was leading in his race in Brooklyn by 54% to 45% over his opponent with 88% reporting.

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