Olympic Champion Greg Louganis: Russia’s Anti-Gay Law ‘Both Heartbreaking and Heinous’

Olympic champion diver Greg Louganis spoke with USA Today about the controversy over gay athletes and the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics as he prepared to be inducted into the new National Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame in Chicago on Friday.

LouganisSaid Louganis:

“I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like for a gay athlete in Russia. It was hard enough to compete closeted representing the United States, a country that is considerably evolved on LGBT rights. It is unfathomable to consider what it’s like for the Russian athlete – knowing that if you were to come out you could lose everything you’ve worked your entire life to achieve and then on top of that to be considered a criminal. It is both heartbreaking and heinous.”

Louganis also said he hopes Putin and Russia will treat the gay community with “the dignity and respect the deserve.”

Read the full interview here.

Louganis’ statement come as Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Murko warned that athletes and visitors to Russia during the Sochi Games will not be given any special exemptions from the nation’s anti-gay propaganda laws, despite assurances from the International Olympic Committee that this isn’t the case.

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At Jerusalem Pride 2013

Yesterday’s gay pride event in Jerusalem drew 5000 participants and was relatively unmarred by protesters, unlike in recent years. The anti-gay donkeys made another appearance, but this time they were humans.

As usual, the march drew counter-protests. The “pride” march is particularly controversial in Jerusalem, Judaism’s holiest city, with many Jews and Muslims arguing that it encourages immoral acts and constitute a desecration of the holy city. One counter-protester was arrested for throwing a stink bomb at marchers. A short time later, two women were arrested for a particularly attention-grabbing protest. The two had dressed up as animals, one as a monkey, and one as a donkey with a sign reading, “I’m a proud donkey.”

Their protest was similar to one that took place one year earlier. During the 2012 march, counter-protesters brought three donkeys wearing sheets with the words “I’m a proud donkey” written on them. Homosexual politicians in Israel have expropriated the Hebrew word “ge’eh,” meaning “proud,” to denote “homosexual,” making use of the word’s similarity to the English “gay.” Thus “I’m a proud donkey” has a double meaning.

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PENNSYLVANIA: Montgomery County Commission Holds Marriage Meeting

Philadelphia’s CBS affiliate reports:

The Montgomery County commissioners held their first public meeting Thursday since the county started issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The decision was made by the register of wills, D. Bruce Hanes, not the commissioners, but two of them – Chairman Josh Shapiro (D) and Vice Chairman Leslie Richards (D) applauded the move. Also applauding the move were most of the 17 registered speakers. “I would commend you and your register of wills for embarking on this most courageous journey,” said Eileen DiFranco of the Journeys of the Heart Ministry. Pennsylvania’s law prohibits same sex marriage, but Hanes declared last week the equality wording in the state constitution trumps that law. Supporters of his view spoke of marriage equality and how it can transform.

All but one of the citizens that spoke of the meeting backed same-sex marriage.

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TRAILER: Teenage Exorcists

Clip description:

Sick of taking responsibility for the shitty things that have happened to you in your life? Help is on the way, in the virginal and strangely vacant form of three bible-thumping teenage exorcists from Phoenix, Arizona. Eighteen-year-old Brynne Larson and her friends Tess and Savannah Sherkenback (18 and 21, respectively) claim to be able to confront the demons lurking inside traumatized people and draw them out using nothing more than a crucifix and a few choice words. But are these teenage exorcists really empowered by the Almighty, or merely by Brynne’s father, a failed televangelist named Reverend Bob?

That televangelist would be regular JMG subject Bob Larson.

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Senate Resolution Will Call On IOC To Denounce Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) will introduce a resolution which calls on the International Olympic Committee to explicitly denounce Russia’s ban on “homosexual propaganda.” Via Chris Geidner at Buzzfeed:

The resolution will ask the IOC both to oppose the law itself and to receive a guarantee that athletes and spectators will not be discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity at the Sochi Winter Olympics, Merkley spokesman Jamal Raad said. The language is still being finalized, however, and he said the resolution will not be introduced formally until the Senate returns from its August recess. The resolution would be the Senate’s first formal statement regarding the Russian law, which was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in June. The Human Rights Campaign praised Merkley — also the lead sponsor of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would ban anti-LGBT discrimination in employment in the U.S. — for the move.

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Perkins: Obamacare Is A Flesh-Eating Bacteria That Threaten America’s Future

Backed by nutcase Rep. Louie Gohmert and a cavalcade of crackpottery, yesterday hate group leader Tony Perkins held a press conference in Washington DC to declare that Obamacare is a “rare strain of flesh-eating bacteria that if not stopped and stopped now threatens the very life of our Republic.”

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