David, Michael, Jacob

Most popular boy names by year. Girl names here.

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TEXAS: Marriage Lawsuit Filed

Add Texas to the ever-lengthening list of states facing a marriage lawsuit. Yesterday two gay couples filed there in federal court. Via the San Antonio Express-News:

The suit names as plaintiffs two same-sex couples, Mark Pharris and Vic Holmes and Cleopatra De Leon and Nicole Dimetman, but makes it clear the litigation is pursuing rights for a larger group of people in similar situations. The suit claims provisions of the Texas constitution and other state laws barring same-sex marriage violate protections of the U.S. constitution, such as the right to equal protection under the law.  A spokeswoman for Gov. Rick Perry said the governor supports Texans who have decided they do not accept same-sex marriage. “The governor agrees with the majority of Texans, who voted to define marriage in the Texas Constitution as between one man and one woman,” spokeswoman Lucy Nashed said via e-mail. No hearing to take up the suit’s request for an injunction, or court order, had been set as of Monday.

This makes state number 21. I think.

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RUSSIA: Anti-Gay Crackpot Paul Cameron Speaks To National Parliament

Paul Cameron, the only American anti-gay activist who rivals Scott Lively for his litany of repulsive lies about LGBT people, has testified before Russia’s Duma. Via Buzzfeed:

Russia’s parliament invited an American anti-gay psychologist whose work has been widely discredited to give expert testimony where he suggested that a third of LGBTs support pedophilia, according to a participant in the meeting. Family Research Institute founder Paul Cameron, who has been censured by the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association for distorting statistics in efforts to block LGBT rights, spoke at a Duma roundtable on “family values,” according to tweets from lawmaker Alexander Sidyakin. Based on his tweets, the roundtable seemed to be intensifying the drumbeat in favor of laws targeting gay and lesbian parents. A pending proposal to away their children was recently withdrawn by its sponsor, Deputy Alexei Zhuravlyov, but he has promised to re-introduce it after some tweaks are made to its wording. Russia has already banned citizens of countries that have approved same-sex marriage from adopting Russian children.

Cameron’s most frequently repeated lie is his claim that gay men die an average of 20-30 years early. Even the vile Family Research Council has deleted that bullshit from their website, but just a few months ago he repeated that claim to a drooling Bryan Fischer.  We have to wonder if Cameron also told the Duma about his belief that President Obama is secretly gay or suggested that they adopt his idea to tattoo HIV-positive people on the face.

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Todrick Hall – Spell Block Tango

Openly gay American Idol finalist Todrick Hall, who last year gained viral video fame with his “hood-inspired” Beauty & The Beat, is back with another take on Disney. This time Hall mashes up six Disney villainesses with Cell Block Tango from Chicago.  He writes:

The real Divas of Disney have collaborated with yours truly to give you a very special Halloween gift. Thank you so much to Adam Lambert, Shoshana Bean, Cassie Scerbo, Amber Riley, Blake McGrath, Kimberly Cole and Pia Toscano for lending me your talents. Special thanks to the dancers, Drew Reese, Peter Gill, Chester Lockhart, Davis Rahal, Steven Dehler, Jared North, Hondo Tey, Noelle Boney and Aaron McGuire. And a HUGE thank you to Jean-Yeves a.k.a. Jeeve Ducournet for doing the music, producing and recording. I have always had a strange fascination with the Disney villains’ side of the classic fairy tales and now through the music of Chicago you’ll get to hear their stories.

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