Santa Fe Mayoral Candidate Javier Gonzalez Comes Out as Gay

Javier Gonzalez, a former state Democratic Party chairman, former Santa Fe County commissioner, and current Santa Fe mayoral candidate, came out of the closet in a blog post on Wednesday.

Wrote Gonzalez, in part:

When a Bishop named Jorge from Buenos Aires took the name Francis, he made an immediate connection with Santa Fe. But when Pope Francis visited Brazil recently, he spoke directly to me, when he said, “who am I to judge?”

You see, when you come from a traditional family with deep roots in this community, the process of accepting that you are gay is complicated with fears about disappointing those you love, or becoming disconnected with a sense of place that is as much a part of me as my sexuality.

Growing up in this town, I felt myself fully embraced by la herencia, the traditional ways that defined the history of Santa Fe. Much of it is beautiful, a celebration of family, a spirit of community, a sense of obligation to those who came before us and responsibility to those who come after us. Knowing you are a part of a continuum gives a young person a sense of place and a sense of pride. These are all gifts I hope to pass on to my two daughters.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that the reaction to his coming out was well received by followers on social media.

“Based on the reaction today, it reflects the beauty of our families in Northern New Mexico to accept our sons and daughters for who they are,” Gonzales said, adding that it’s shown him “it is important for people to step out and to stand up and be proud of who they are and to be able to share it with their community.”

The announcement on the website, which also advocates for legalization of same-sex marriage, came on the same day that Doña Ana County Clerk Lynn Ellins began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Gonzalez is one of two openly gay candidates for the office of mayor. The other is City Councilor Patti Bushee.

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Suspect Named in Beating Murder of Transgender Aspiring Actress Domonique Newburn: VIDEO


On Wednesday, Towleroad reported on the brutal murder of Domonique Newburn, an aspiring transgender actress and YouTube personality in the Fontana area of San Bernadino County.

Police have now named a suspect:

KNBC reported on Thursday night that Fontana police are looking for 18-year-old Dantjier Powell, of San Bernardino, in the death of Domonique Newburn. The 32-year-old, who was one of the stars of Hollywood Houseboys, was found dead in her Fontana apartment on Tuesday afternoon.

Police said he could be trying to leave California, possibly by bus. He is said to be African-American, 5-foot-8 inches tall and 155 pounds.

Fontana Police detective Rich Hunt previously told KNBC that investigators “found evidence of a struggle, inside and outside.” The coroner said Newburn suffered “blunt trauma.”

A vigil was held for Newburn this week.

Watch a news report on it and family and friends’ reaction to her death, AFTER THE JUMP

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Human Rights Watch Demands IOC Presidential Candidates Reveal Steps They Would Take on Russia

A new president of the International Olympic Committee is set to be chosen next month and Human Rights Watch has revealed that it and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) have sent a letter to the IOC demanding that candidates for the position reveal what their steps would be with regard to the Sochi 2014 Games and Russia’s anti-gay laws.

They write:

The letter was sent ahead of the election of the successor to current IOC president, Jacques Rogge, at the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires, Argentinaon September 10. On August 23, Roggewill speak in New York City at the United Nations for the “International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.”

“With less than six months before the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Games, the Olympic Movement is facing a crisis over Russia’s failure to respect the Olympic Charter in Sochi,” said Minky Worden, director of Global Initiatives at Human Rights Watch. “Just as the IOC assesses ice rinks and ski jumps, the new Olympics leader needs to press Russia to repeal a discriminatory law and address human rights violations before the Sochi Games.”

The six candidates for the IOC presidency are Thomas Bach (Germany), Sergey Bubka (Russia), Richard Carrión (Puerto Rico), Ser Miang Ng (Singapore), Denis Oswald (Switzerland), and Ching-Kuo Wu (Taiwan).

In the August 2 joint letter, Human Rights Watch and CPJ asked candidates to share their positions on human rights concerns, including urgent issues related to the Sochi Games.

Read their full letter here.

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Oxford English Dictionary Revises Definition of Marriage to Reflect Same-Sex Relationships

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) and the online have revised their definitions of marriage to reflect the legal recognition of same-sex relationships, The Guardian reports:

OedThe definition of “marriage” now reads: “The relationship between two people who are husband and wife, or a similar relationship between people of the same sex,” with the second clause newly added.

The revision follows the marriage (same sex couples) bill through its crucial reading in the House of Lords on 15 July and accompanies other changes in a significant update to the dictionary. One that is likely to offend grammar purists is the inclusion of “of” as a preposition for use with “bored”, as in “bored of”. editor-in-chief Michael Rundell said the change to the definition of “marriage” might suggest a future redefining of the terms “husband” and “wife”. “In a same sex relationship two men are probably not going to refer to themselves as ‘wife’, but if it’s two women, they might, so we need to keep an eye on that.”

They add:

However the Oxford English Dictionary (, whose dictionary definitions already include references to same sex marriage, said it “would continue to monitor the way in which the word marriage is used”, adding that “dictionaries reflect changes in the use of language, rather than changes in law”.

The OED definition of “marriage” is “the condition of being a husband or wife; the relation between persons married to each other; matrimony”, with a supplementary line which says “the term is now sometimes used with reference to long-term relationships between partners of the same sex”.

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Rainbow Building to House Media Members During Sochi Olympics: PHOTO


The media during the Sochi Olympics is going to be housed in this building which screams “gay propaganda”, USA Today reports.

Notice it’s not five colors of the Olympic rings. It’s the whole rainbow spectrum including indigo and violet. Whooops!

How soon will Putin’s goverment have it whitewashed?

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Trans Navy SEAL Slams Chelsea Manning

“What you wear, what color you are, your religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity has no basis on whether you are a CRIMINAL or NOT.  For this person, whether male or female to use gender identity to act ‘BADLY’ is a slap in the face to me and everyone who does not fit the ‘Binary Gender Norm.’ It is not an excuse for anything illegal or unjust. This person took an oath to protect American interest and defend the constitution, and took additional oaths due to security clearances to protect information that leaders deem secret. There are legal avenues to whistle blow or bring attention to issues. THIS person is a liar and a thief and a traitor to many people. If Bradley is truly ‘Chelsea’ then ‘she’ is a traitor to ME personally. There is no excuse.” – Former Navy SEAL Kristin Beck, writing on her Facebook page. Beck herself came out as transgender in June. (Via Towleroad)

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