Orlando Magic Unveils Tribute to Pulse Nightclub Victims at Opening Game

Orlando Magic Pulse

The Orlando Magic unveiled a tribute to the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre on the franchise’s opening night. A permanent banner reading “Orlando United 49” and emblazoned on the back with the names of each victim will hang in Amway Center, CNN reports:

“On June 12, 2016, our world changed forever. Forty-nine of our family, friends and neighbors were taken from us too soon, with more than 50 others injured in a horrific tragedy at Pulse,” said the NBA team’s announcer, Paul Porter….

“Tonight, we honored their lives, the heroes who emerged early that morning and a healing community that showed the world that love always conquers hate.”



The AP adds:

This was not a one-night commitment for the Magic, who have contributed both money and staff resources to the ongoing healing process and plan to continue. In addition to the banner, the team aired a video in tribute and invited singer Brandon Parsons — who composed a song called “Forty-Nine Times” — to perform pregame.

Parsons’ song included this phrase: “Takes more than just a gun, more than you to tear us down, so let your colors fly free.”

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Vine, Dharun Ravi, Voter Suppression, Pussy Riot, Obama’s LGBT Mission, Liberia, Transgender Rights Battle: HOT LINKS

shawn-mendes-shirtless-luomo-vogue-5-420x560SOCIAL MEDIA. Twitter announces it’s shuttering its video app Vine: “Twitter bought Vine, which had yet to launch, in late 2012. It launched in January 2013, and its looping 6-second clips gradually became a popular format for sports highlights, visual effects, and comedy. A number of Vine stars improbably became popular recording artists after clips of themselves singing went viral, most notably Shawn Mendes.”

HILLARY HATE. The death to Hillary quotient at Trump rallies is increasingly terrifying.

2000px-transgender_pride_flagTRANSGENDER RIGHTS BATTLE. Multiple-part story exposes timidity of LGBT leaders to engage in a full-throated defense of transgender rights: “This week BuzzFeed has published a blockbuster series on the history of the recent trans rights movement. The first, by Chris Geidner, laid the groundwork with the breakthrough Macy decision of the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) in 2012. The second, by Dominic Holden, which has rocked the LGBT community, highlighted the growing rift within the community in dealing with the way forward. The third, again by Geidner, shows that none of the major LGBT advocacy organizations, including NCTE, HRC and the Task Force, made any significant effort to prod the Department of Labor to enforce the Macy decision. That NCTE, the national trans advocacy organization, didn’t, may come as a surprise to many.”

STORY TIME. Jon Hamm reveals how he lost his virginity, gives advice to his younger self.

Dharun RaviTYLER CLEMENTI. Dharun Ravi pleads guilty to attempted invasion of privacy after his conviction of a bias intimidation crime was overturned: “The appeals court ruled he should not have been charged under that statute, and even struck down a portion of the hate crime law related to the victim’s state of mind.”

MEN OF INSTAGRAM. Liam Hemsworth, Jeremiah Brent, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Phelps, Tom Ford, David Beckham and Ricky Martin.

APPLE EVENT. Tech company unveils new MacBooks and a unified “TV” app (that excludes Netflix, Amazon).

RED HANDED. Trump campaign official admits they are actively attempting to suppress voter turnout in “certain” people (read: minorities) don’t vote.


jose_cunningham_and_greg_nelson_insert_c_washington_blade_by_michael_keySMDH. Gay Washington, D.C. couple split over Donald Trump: “Numbers are hard to come by, but Cunningham is not alone in his support for Trump. The Log Cabin Republicans have declined to endorse him, but smatterings of LGBT Trump support have surfaced in news articles and social media and they’re not all of the Lucian Wintrick (of “Twinks4Trump” fame) or flamethrower (a la Milo Yiannopoulos) variety. Cunningham says all three of the D.C. members of the 168-member Republican National Committee are openly gay and all are supporting Trump. ‘You can’t imagine how well received we are,’ he says.”

RUSSIA. Music group Pussy Riot trolls Trump with new music video (warning: graphic imagery involving branding), says Julian Assange definitely has ties to Putin’s government. 

Obama United NationsYAAAS OBAMA. President Obama quietly maneuvered to export LGBT rights overseas to sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and eastern Europe: “The U.S. has deployed its diplomats and spent tens of millions of dollars to try to block anti-gay laws, punish countries that enacted them, and tie financial assistance to respect for LGBTQ rights. It was a mission animated in part by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s declaration that ‘gay rights are human rights.’ Yet the U.S. encountered occasional backlash, including from some rights groups that said public pressure by the West made things worse.”

TELEVISION. Raven-Symoné leaves The View to create That’s So Raven spinoff: “As for ‘The View,’ Symoné’s departure is not a surprise. She was already being phased out this season, only appearing about once a week. But with the show having endured a revolving door of host changes in the past few years, ABC sought to find a low-key exit for the actress. It’s understood that Symone’s departure will be addressed at the start of today’s edition of ‘The View.’”

liberia-posABROAD. Liberia witnesses backlash to LGBT rights: “Last month, a warlord turned senator in Liberia named Prince Johnson kicked off his candidacy for next year’s presidential election with a sharp denunciation of sexual minorities and those who defend them. ‘A government under our watch will never, ever accept gay rights,’ said Johnson, who is best known for his role in wartime atrocities, including the torture and killing of President Samuel Doe in 1990. ‘Liberia is not Sodom and Gomorrah.’”

SPOTTED. Kristen Stewart and St. Vincent step out as a couple, strike a pose in front of Chateau Marmont.


Instagram Photo

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Woman Who Tried to Burn Down Las Vegas LGBT Center Says Oprah Told Her to Do It

A woman who attempted to burn down the Las Vegas LGBT Center last Saturday told police that Oprah instructed her to do it, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Grewndolyn Glancey las vegas lgbt center arsonGrewndolyn Glancey, 21, faces a charge of first-degree arson. Surveillance video shows Glancey lighting a fire at 401 S. Maryland Parkway in two separate locations, the report indicates.

When taken into custody Saturday night, Glancey said the LGBT community “needed to pay for their sins,” according to the document.

Glancey was initially taken into custody in Valley Hospital Medical Center’s psychiatric hold area because she was believed to be suicidal, according to the arrest report.

According to KTNV, “It was movie night at The Center, which serves the lesbian/bisexual/gay/transgender community, and the lobby was empty. Glancey lit three books on fire. Glancey was caught after security for The Center watched the surveillance video and then look outside and saw Glancey.”

Glancey is currently in the Clark County Detention Center. A hearing was scheduled for today.

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Out Iowa Candidate’s Home Hit with ‘Fag’ Graffiti, Anti-Gay Bible Verses

Chris Schwartz

Chris Schwartz, a gay candidate for Board of Supervisors in Black Hawk County, Iowa, says that he is the victim of a hate crime after campaign signs on his property were vandalized and a Bible verse calling for death to gay people was sprayed on his front door.

The alleged vandalism followed an online argument with a local Christian group, Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ, which had attacked him for organizing an annual PrideFest event in Waterloo, The Courier reports:

In black paint across his door reads “Lev 20:13,” a likely reference to Leviticus 20:13, a Bible verse about a man lying with another man being an abomination. The verse ends with “They shall surely be put to death.”

The slur “fag” was painted on a blue Schwartz campaign sign, and “Trmp” was painted on a Clinton-Kane sign. Other candidate signs in his yard had black lines sprayed across them.

A Schwartz sign in a neighbor’s yard — some 20 feet from the damaged signs — was untouched.

Schwartz posted about the vandalism Thursday morning on his Facebook page:


The Christian group denies having anything to do with it and says that Schwartz is committing a hoax to further his campaign and said it would help pay for the costs of repairing the vandalism.


Schwartz, who called Patriots for Christ a “hate group” while arguing with them on social media, also criticized his Republican opponents in the race for not taking a stand when he was being attacked by the group.

Police are investigating…

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‘Will & Grace’ May Return with a New Season on Netflix – REPORT

will & grace

Talks are reportedly underway to explore whether iconic gay sitcom Will & Grace could return for a limited series run.

Rumors of a revival first circulated when the original four cast members reunited for an election special to encourage voter turnout. That mini-sode/PSA, released on the date of the first presidential debate, has been viewed more than 6 million times on YouTube.

The show’s stars are reportedly open to the idea of a reunion, but negotiations are still nascent.

Netflix is seen as being a likely partner for the former NBC smash.

Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva reports: 

Sources caution that there are no deals in place, the sides are currently far apart and there are a lot of hurdles that make mounting a Will & Grace return a daunting task, but at least there is a will to pursue it. Producing studio Universal TV needs to secure stars Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes as well as creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan. I hear the idea is to do a one-off 10-episode installment. NBC and Uni TV had no comment.

While NBC, the series’ original network, is a possibility, I hear a streaming player, like Netflix, is considered more likely. While I’d heard Netflix’s name mentioned as a potential partner, I hear there haven’t been formal conversations with the Internet network, which has successfully rebooted several beloved series including Arrested Development, Full House and Gilmore Girls, returning with four movies.

ICYMI, watch the Will & Grace reunion, below.

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Tom Daley Was Turned Into Kermit the Frog by ‘Drag Race’ Alums – WATCH

tom daley kermit

Olympic diver Tom Daley was transformed into Kermit the frog just in time for Halloween by RuPaul’s Drag Race divas Willam Belli and Trixie Mattel.

The end result left Daley looking “amphibious AF” and Belli as a tricked out Miss Piggy.


Wanting to share their transformations with the world, the pair strutted their pink and green selves down Hollywood Boulevard.



Watch the transformation take place, below.

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FULL SPEECH: Michelle Obama Stumps with Clinton: ‘Hillary Doesn’t Play’ – WATCH


First Lady Michelle Obama hit the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Thursday.

Both Clinton and Obama spoke before the packed crowd. Clinton paid what Obama called a ‘mini-tribute’ to the first lady and the work she has done during her time in the White House. In turn, Obama lauded Clinton as the most “qualified and prepared candidate for president” in U.S. history.

During her speech, Obama called Clinton her “friend” and praised her “generosity of spirit.”

She also addressed critics of hers who have blasted her for so actively campaigning for Clinton.

“You may have noticed that I have been doing some campaigning for Hillary,” Obama said, “and there have been some folks out there who have commented that it has been unprecedented for a sitting first lady to be actively engaged in a presidential campaign.” However, she added that her involvement was due to what she called the unprecedented nature of this election.

PREVIOUSLY – Michelle Obama Destroys Trump in Emotional Speech: I Have Been ‘Shaken to My Core’ – WATCH

The first lady also praised Clinton for being a policy wonk — “Let me tell you, when you’re president, that’s a good thing” — and said she was excited to vote for Clinton. “Hillary doesn’t play,” Obama quipped. “And yes she happens to be a woman.”

Watch, below.

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