California State Senate Committee Bans Saying ‘He’ and ‘She’ Adds ‘They’ As Universal Pronoun

Conservative pundit Carlson Tucker’s The Daily Caller is up in arms over a decision by the California State Senate to no longer use the masculine and feminine pronouns of “he” and “she” and replace it with the gender neutral “They.”

Judiciary Committee chair Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) announced that only “gender neutral” pronouns will be permitted during committee hearings.

Hannah-Beth Jackson spoke about the change on Thursday, which affects her committee, and said it’s a matter of gender.

“We are now a state recognizing the non-binary designation as a gender,” Jackson said. “We are using the phrase they and replacing other designations so that it’s a gender neutral designation of they. Basically that’s the primary reforms and revisions to the committee rules.”

After accidentally referring to herself as “her” Jackson officially corrected the record saying, “In the spirit of gender neutrality for the rules of this committee, we now designate the chair as ‘they.’” said American Thinker. the latest video at

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Cardi B, Matthew McConaughey, Tony Soprano Returns, and More: HOT LINKS

ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT Matthew McConaughey stars in The Beach Bum Red Band trailer.

KEEP IT SIMPLE PEOPLE  Gender, like lasagna, is often multi-layered and complex. That doesn’t mean they go together.   New Jersey pizzeria Villa Italian Kitchen, in an act inspired surely by Beelzebub himself, has unleashed gender reveal lasagna onto the world, the New York Post reports. For only $140, you can feed your family facefuls of femininity or offer them mouthfuls of masculinity. (Don’t worry, the price of the lasagna also comes with salad, which we’re sure is non-binary.)

A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS Maer Roshan has been named Editor-In-Chief of Los Angeles magazine. “Maer’s robust media experience, creative spirit, and enthusiasm for Los Angeles makes him the perfect editor to lead our storied brand into the future,” Los Angeles publisher Josef Vann said. “We’re thrilled to have him here.”

Roshan, a longtime industry hand is most known for launching Radar in 2002 and before that serving as editorial director of Tina Brown’s Talk. He is also the founder of websites Punch! and Roshan’s Twitter was already updated with the new gig as of Tuesday morning.

NOT OKAY “The Supreme Court just ended my military career, ” says transgender activist and former military member Brynn Tannehill in a moving New York Times essay. “On Tuesday, the Supreme Court ruled, 5-4, that the Trump administration could reinstate its policy barring most transgender people from serving in the military while several cases challenging the policy are being decided. The decision was both a devastating blow to me personally, and a disturbing sign of what is to come for transgender people in the United States.”

She continues: “I graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1997, and was on active duty for over a decade. When I began transitioning in 2010, I transferred from the Naval Reserves, which I had joined in 2008, to the Individual Ready Reserves, an administrative status that allows service members to deal with medical issues before returning to full duty. By spring 2012, I had resolved the “issues” at my own expense, and was ready to return to full duty — in my case, as a Navy helicopter pilot.

The problem was that at the time, the military’s medical regulations prohibited transgender people from serving. I then set off on years of volunteer work on my own time researching transgender military issues. This included educational outreach, research, policy development and coordinating with the Pentagon to build an evidence-based standard for transgender service, based on the lessons learned from the other 18 countries that allow transgender people to serve.”

SHE MAKES MONEY MOVES  Cardi B will reportedly start a Vegas residency starting this spring. D-Listed said, “Today it was announced that Cardi B will have her very own residency at the Palms Casino Resort based club KAOS. Those days of sliding up and down on the pole like a jackhammer are just distant memories in a rear view mirror now because Cardi has finally arrived!

This truly is going to be a great year for Cardi, all of her drama with estranged husband Offset aside. She’s been nominated for five Grammys, including Album of the Year for Invasion of Privacy, and now she has this residency to look forward to. I believe this makes her the most successful rapper from the Love & Hip Hop franchise, which really isn’t saying too much since most of the rappers on there are just people with big asses that know how to rhyme words sometimes. But I’ve always admired her determination to have a better life so this residency is a very good look for her.”

JUSTICE IS A DISH BEST SERVED HOT AS THESE TWO DC’S Young Justice has us swooning over Robin (aka Tim Drake) and Superboy’s (Conner Kent) quiet moments.

FULL MOON RISING Gay Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis talks about what he’s got planned next.

I SWEAR IT’S THE TRUTH MA! Covington Catholic’s Nick Sandemnn says that’s just his RBF.

WHAT’S RBF? *Ahem.*

NO MEANS NO Nancy Pelosi doubles down on no State of the Union for the prez while the government shutdown continues.

ONE LOVE  These 11 queer & trans artists are making reggaeton and dembow more inclusive. Remzecla says: “Fans and artists regularly challenge the myth that reggaeton and dembow are inherently homophobic and misogynistic, though these symptoms are undeniably ingrained in our society through normalized slurs and glaring double standards. Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and others are routinely praised for defying gender norms by embracing off-the-wall fashion and colored hair and nails – a low bar to clear on the scale of gender transgression. Queer artists are seldom afforded such freedom of self-expression without being immediately pegged as campy gimmicks or pelted with marketability concerns from industry brass.”

HEY ‘TONE James Gandolfini’s son Michael Gandolfini is cast as Tony Soprano in Sopranos’ Movie

THIRST TRAP Single Record and #NoHomo director Nelson Lassiter is a triple threat.


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Hold Up! Did Ariana Grande Just Come For Her EDM Adversaries?

So it looks like Arian Grande just told us that her new EP is dropping February 8th.

On Monday Billboard said the album’s full details, including the cover and track list, wouldn’t be unveiled until Friday (January 25th), when fans can place their preorders.

But then Grande posted this on Instagram today:

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feb 8

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All of these are also the name of EDM artists.

“These song titles are going to be the only things the gays posts as their statuses and instagram captions for a month, aren’t they?” said one fan in post on Facebook.

According to People magazine “The album, which will be titled thank u, next, features 12 new songs and includes the three that Grande has already released — ‘imagine,’ ‘thank u, next,’ and ‘7 rings.’”

Fans speculate many of the songs are about her break up with SNL cast member actor Pete Davidson with whom she broke up after the death of her ex pre-Davidson boyfriend Mac Miller.

This will be her fifth studio album.

Grande begins a four-month world tour  that  kicks off on March 18, 2019.


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Police Say Homeless Man Committed Hate Crime by Threatening Gay Teens at Church

A homeless Bethlehem, New York man is under arrest and charged with a felony hate crime for threatening to kill gay teens at a local church.

The Times Union reported: ‘According to court documents, Shawn P. Grady, 37, called Mount Moriah Church and Christian Academy on Route 9W on the morning of Oct. 27 and spoke with Rev. Stephen Giles. “You have teenage homosexuals at your church and they will be killed,” Grady allegedly told the pastor. Giles told police the statements scared him, the congregation and the school’s students.’

Grady also reportedly alleged sexual abuse at the church but police found no evidence. He was arrested at a local supermarket.

The paper adds that “Police believed he was suffering from some kind of mental disorder, according to a report of the incident.”

Watch a report from News10:

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‘Rel’ Creator & Comedian Kevin Barnett Found Dead At 32

Kevin Barnett, the hysterical young and up-and-coming comedian, has died at 32 years-old.

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of our friend and client Kevin Barnett,” United Talent Agency tweeted on Tuesday. “He was an incredible talent and a wonderful person. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. We will miss him.”

Variety reports that Barnett was holidaying in Mexico when he died.

The cause of death is unknown at press time.

Barnett’s last Instagram post is from January 19th and says: “In mexico. Bought myself a sweater. Been accused of appropriation several times. In my head I just gave a lady some money so I ain’t cold, Either way. Swag heavy. Mixtape comin.”


Barnett’s New York City-based comedy career was just taking off at the time of his death, having recently executive produced and co-created Fox TV series “Rel” alongside comedians Lil Rel Howery and Josh Rabinowitz said Variety.

Barnett was a stand-up comedian, actor and writer said The Hollywood Reporter. “He appeared on episodes of Rel and The Carmichael Show (serving as a writer on both, as well), in addition to having a small role in the 2014 film Dumb and Dumber To.  As a writer, he also had three projects in production.”

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Queens Councilman Daniel Dromm Says Gay Couple Were Victim Of Hate Crime: WATCH

Queens councilman Daniel Dromm, along with Joseph Sokolowski and his husband, Jeremy Valarezo, claim that the owner of a smoke shop in Queens, Mohammed Hoque, should have been charged with a hate crime as opposed to a desk appearance ticket for two misdemeanor charges says The Daily News.

Sokolowski and his husband, Valarezo, claim both of them were called them the F-word among other epithets.

The assault was not caught in the video although you can clearly hear Hoque say  to “get your f******g bulls**** f*****t a**” out of the store,” in the video posted by Dromm on Twitter below.

Both men seem to have escalated the encounter unnecessarily but police who arrived on the scene arrested Sokolowski on a felony criminal mischief charge, and he was held overnight until his arraignment.

The charge was subsequently knocked down to a misdemeanor.

Dromm called for an anti-hate rally that occurred yesterday.

“No information was provided at the time to indicate this was a hate crime,” Sgt. Brendan Ryan of the NYPD told the News, adding that police are still probing the incident.

“The hate crime task force is aware of the video and is looking into the matter,” Ryan said.

“We are disappointed that the NYPD did not prosecute this as a hate crime even though they were shown the video that clearly indicates the manager of Village Moon outright calling Jeremy and Joseph f—ts,” Dromm said at the rally just outside the shop Tuesday. “This is not acceptable in our community.”

He added: “The use of the F-word will no longer be tolerated or no longer be let go without some type of a community response,” Dromm said. “That’s why we’re here today.”

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Trump Disregards Nancy Pelosi’s Security Warnings, Says He’s Going Ahead with ‘State of the Union’ Address as Scheduled

Donald Trump sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi disregarding her January 16 letter telling him that the State of the Union could not be held as scheduled because of Secret Service security concerns caused by the government shutdown.

Said Trump in the letter: “It would be so very sad for our Country if the State of the Union were not delivered on time, on schedule, and very importantly, on location!”

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