‘The Little Mermaid’, Cinco de Mayo, ‘Feuds’, Paul Ryan, Channing Tatum, Russia: NEWS

LATE NIGHT. Tituss Burgess and John Stamos sing “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid. 

TELEVISION. Ryan Murphy launches new anthology series Feuds, the first installment of which will chronicle the feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Jessica Lange will play Crawford and Susan Sarandon will play Davis.

PRINCE. The singer reportedly had Percocet in his system at the time of his death. 

CINCO DE MAYO. Donald Trump ‘celebrates’ the holiday as only he can.


YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT. Woman who built Trump Tower is voting for Hillary. 

GOP. Paul Ryan says he can’t support Donald Trump–yet.


And Trump responds:


LOVE IS LOVE. Sarah Paulson opens up: “I believe that everyone should be allowed to speak their truth and just say what they want to say and show the world who they are…You should be able to love whomever you f—– well please.”

PONY. Channing Tatum is turning Magic Mike into a live Las Vegas show.

TBT. Power Rangers reboot debuts the Mighty Morphin gang’s new suits.


RUSSIA. LGBT rights activists detained in May Day protests: “A video shows the advocates carrying a rainbow flag and chanting as they marched through a square. Several police officers and journalists then surrounded them…A video shows police officers ripping rainbow flags from the activists as they marched. A series of scuffles broke out before the authorities forcibly removed them from a park.”

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This Beautiful Video of Moms and Their Transgender Kids Needs to Be Seen Everywhere: WATCH

Moms transgender kids

The Trans United Fund has put out a video of moms and their transgender kids that will be devastating to anti-LGBT fearmongers everywhere.

The group notes that “Politicians in 20 states have attempted to advance over 50 pieces of legislation attacking transgender people. These policies are a real danger to transgender people and hurt the most vulnerable, including America’s transgender children.”

The video, called “Meet My Child” features three moms talking about the process they went through when their children indicated to them that they’re transgender, and shames fearmongers like Ted Cruz who put these kids at risk with their harmful rhetoric.

Happy Mother’s Day to these moms. You’re incredible.


Trans United Fund adds: “This spot was directed by Sundance award-winning filmmaker Melissa Regan, whose 2002 documentary ‘No Dumb Questions’ broke new ground in creating a safe space for all of us to embrace our differences, laugh at what makes us uncomfortable, and ask our own ‘dumb questions’ about transgender experiences.”

Great job.

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Colton Haynes Confirms He’s Gay — Officially.

colton haynes

Colton Haynes has once and for all quashed rumors about his sexuality, coming out as gay in a new interview in which he addresses that Tumblr post, and his struggle with anxiety. 

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Haynes says he never intended for his response to a question about his “secret gay past” to be a coming out.

EW writes:

But while social media has helped his career, it’s also gotten him into some trouble. Case in point: A Tumblr post in January sparked an Internet firestorm after a fan commented on Haynes’ “secret gay past,”regarding racy modeling photos Haynes took while underage. Without giving it much thought, Haynes offered a coy reply: “Was it a secret?” The comment was picked up by bloggers as his coming out – but it wasn’t. Not yet.

“It was a complete shock. I wasn’t ready to be back in the headlines,” says Haynes, who is in fact gay but has never publicly addressed his sexuality (and, like many others on his path, took advice early in his career to subdue it). “I should have made a comment or a statement, but I just wasn’t ready. I didn’t feel like I owed anyone anything. I think in due time, everyone has to make those decisions when they’re ready, and I wasn’t yet. But I felt like I was letting people down by not coming forward with the rest of what I should have said.” The headlines about Haynes turned vitriolic in the absence of an announcement, but he was in no place to make one: He had checked into rehab for anxiety and would be frequently back in the hospital over the next three months.

“People want you to be that GQ image that you put out, but people don’t realize what it’s like to act 24 hours a day. I’d go home and I was still acting,” he says gently. “People who are so judgmental about those who are gay or different don’t realize that acting 24 hours a day is the most exhausting thing in the world.” The truth is, Haynes has been out for most of his life – in high school, to his family and friends, to his cast members, to his Hollywood bosses (like Arrow creator Greg Berlanti, now one of his closest mentors). But as a green transplant in Hollywood in 2006, he wasn’t any more immune to the town’s well-chronicled discomfort with LGBT identity.

We here at Towleroad have covered Colton Haynes extensively over the years. I personally wrote about Hayne’s Tumblr post and I did take it as a confirmation from him that he was “out.”

However, events following his post showed that he was not ready to own than moniker, which is his right. Each individuals is on their own path towards embracing and understanding their sexual identity and must do so at their own pace. However, in my eyes, Haynes’ response on Tumblr had one strong message: “Colton Haynes Confirms He’s Gay In Coy Tumblr Post.” Which is the headline that was used in that post; a headline I stand by.

Congratulations to Haynes for opening up and sharing his struggles. He will no doubt help others fighting to love themselves and own who they are.

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North Carolina Lawmakers Will Defy DOJ’s Monday Deadline to Repeal HB 2


Republican leaders in North Carolina’s legislature say that will defy an order from the federal government requiring that HB 2 be overturned by Monday.

As we reported yesterday, the Department of Justice wrote to North Carolina yesterday declaring that HB 2 violated the Civil Rights Act and Title IX. The DOJ warned that if North Carolina did not comply with its order by Monday, the state risks losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding.

Earlier on Thursday, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory expressed anger over the order and suggested he was ready and willing to defy the federal government (shocker). But now, the Republican Speaker of the State House has said flat out the order will be ignored.

The Charlotte Observer reports: 

“We will take no action by Monday,” [House Speaker Tim] Moore told reporters Thursday. “That deadline will come and go. We don’t ever want to lose any money, but we’re not going to get bullied by the Obama administration to take action prior to Monday’s date. That’s not how this works.”

Moore said state leaders are still trying to determine their next steps. “Right now we’re talking with our attorneys to see what our options are,” he said. “We’re going to move at the speed that we’re going to move at to look at what our options are.”

White House press secretary Josh Earnest distanced Obama from the order in his press briefing Thursday afternoon. “These kinds of enforcement actions are made independent of any sort of political interference or direction from the White House,” Earnest said. “Those are decisions that are made entirely by attorneys at the Department of Justice.”

Democrats in the legislature said the Department of Justice order gives lawmakers plenty of time and should be addressed now.

“HB2 became law in less than 12 hours,” Rep. Cecil Brockman, a High Point Democrat, said in a tweet. “Five days should be more than enough time to decide how to clean up after it.”

In his angry objection to the DOJ getting involved, Moore, like many Republican lawmakers, demonstrated a lack of knowledge about how government actually works, all while protesting that he does in fact know how government works. The jokes write themselves. Said Moore:

“They [the federal government] can’t just – through an administrative action by the attorney general’s office – issue a decree that has the force and effect of law over this state,” he said. “That’s not how this works. What they would have to do is initiate litigation at that point.”

Senate leader Phil Berger said he doesn’t believe the DOJ has “the legal right” to block HB 2. According to The Charlotte Observer, “He says North Carolina residents should be frustrated’ by the order.”

Watch a press conference with Moore, below.


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Randy Rainbow Says ‘Byee’ to GOP Dropouts Ted Cruz and John Kasich – WATCH


The once unfathomable prospect of Biff Tannen Donald Trump becoming the Republican nominee for President of the United States sadly became a cold, hard, depressing reality when John Kasich dropped out of the race yesterday, just hours after Ted Cruz did the same.

GOPDROPOUTCRUZCOVERFBTo give Lyin’ Ted and (Digusting Eater?) John a proper send off, Randy Rainbow sang each of the boys a farewell song.

Now here’s hoping that Randy will be back in November to sing GOP dropout one last time. I say we get a gay men’s chorus to do back-up. And if the unthinkable happens…well, Randy can sing us a stirring rendition of “O Canada!”

Watch, below.

PREVIOUSLY: Randy Rainbow Sings a Duet with Carly Fiorina (And It’s Perfect) – WATCH 

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U.S. Diplomat’s Gay Wedding Causes a Stir in China

Hanscom Smith Eric Lu wedding

Images of the U.S. consul general in Shanghai marrying his now husband have raised eyebrows in China.

The couple were married in San Francisco and photographs of the ceremony between Hanscom Smith and Taiwan native Eric Lu appeared on the consulate’s Weibo account yesterday.

The images, which later appeared on some official news and media websites, were a pointed reminder that same-sex marriage remains illegal in China.


One of the men who last year filed an ultimately unsuccessful lawsuit for the right to be married wished Smith and Lu well, adding that he hopes the visibility of the marriage would push Chinese officials to allow same-sex marriage in the future. According to The New York Times, Sun Wenlin also said that despite the court ruling in January, he and his partner, Hu Mingliang, have made plans to hold a marriage ceremony on May 17th, the International Day Against Homophobia.

In an interview, Smith said it is important for American officials “to engage with the Chinese audience directly through social media.”

In September 2014, the British consul general in Shanghai married his Chinese-American partner at the British ambassador’s residence in Beijing.

(Image via Weibo)

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